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    Originally posted by john_e_turner_ii View Post
    I have been able to lose fat and still consume dairy, nuts, nut butters and some fruit. I don't believe a person necessarily has to cut out any particular food. What is needed is eat less. At least that is what has worked for me. I agree with Daemonized, in that as a person loses weight on a particular caloric level, they have to adjust that amount downward. A person that weights 160 pounds requires fewer calories to maintain their current weight than a person that weighs 200.

    This is a link to a great calorie calcluator: Free Fat Loss Calorie Calculator See the bolded note that says "Note: When your weight drops by more than 5lbs (2kg) you must recalculate your numbers!" This is a bodybuilding type website, but I think the calculator can work for most anyone trying to get a decent idea where to start.

    I know, I know, a lot of people will say that it's not about calories in and calories out. This approach has worked for me and some others here, that's all.
    I agree with this and Daemonized. You need to consume less calories as before. Start by deleting the bacon and avocado at lunch. At this meal eat more lower calorie foods - salad, tuna or chicken breast. If you want to still eat nuts, chocolate, dairy you need to factor it into your calories for the day. Don't throw away your scale but just weigh less often and take measurements.


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      Originally posted by Leonardrd View Post
      I feel irritate when i have to pass through number of dieting programs. I use just fresh juices in my dieting plan and take the light food in eating routine. I face the problem when i have to attend the parties and functions.
      Why don't you start exercises with your dieting plan so that it will help you more in losing weight quickly and you'll never face any problem in any party or function.