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    Just had some blood results back. Never had it tested before.

    I'm 26yr old, fit and active. Never had a weight issue, stayed lean and similar weight since I have been 18. Was eating gluten/wheat free from Mid July up until test day October 18th. Some dairy in Butter and Cheese. No milk. Sweet potatoes post workout and maybe rice once a week. Loads of veg. Approx 4-5g fish oil + Salmon/mackerel etc. Approx 60% of meat grass fed. Training 3-4 times a week. Results as follows:

    Fasting glucose - 79.2 mg/DL
    HbA1C - 5.3
    Total Cholesterol - 266.82 mg/DL
    HDL - 96.67 mg/DL
    LDL - 162.41 mg/DL
    Triglycerides - 35.42 mg/ DL

    C-Reactive Protein <0.5 mg/L (is this 0.05mg/DL??!!]

    How do you guys interpret it. Without a VAP test to see particle size of LDL its hard to see clearly, with triglycerides and c-reactive protein low I am hoping I have more of the better LDL. I'm not the best sleeper so that can improve. I should be aiming to get total cholesterol down I'm sure.

    She said I need to START exercising and watch what I eat, this came just before she said there was no difference in LDL cholesterol and that I may need to go on Statins if I couldnt improve my cholesterol?


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    anyone have any feedback on these results?


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      Prescribing anything for that panel is malpractice! Your HDL and trigs are superb. Glucose is good.

      LDL has been calculated using Friedewald. The Iranian formula applies directly to your panel and gives 117mg/dL. Almost certainly large fluffy goodness.

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        Your Iranian LDL is 117mg/dL

        Your Triglyrceride/HDL Ratio is 0.37 (Less than 2 is considered good)
        Your Total/HDL is 2.76 (Less than 5 is considered good)

        In other words. Your numbers are supreme and your doctor is crazy.
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          Thanks guys, doing some reading on Iranian LDL so further expanding my understanding of this. Have had great adherence so thought I would be looking at some good results


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            I would be looking for another doctor if I had one who threatened statins with numbers like that! Obviously, this individual doesn't understand anything about cholesterol.

            I had a VAP test that measure particle size of LDL--and mine was 100% Pattern A--the 'good' kind. My doctor said that with patients like me (and YOU!) with high HDL and low trigs, the LDL is almost always Pattern A.

            Your numbers in all categories are excellent. And, besides, CRP is supposed to be a better predictor of heart issues than cholesterol, and your number is superb.