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Residue in liquid fish oil

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  • Residue in liquid fish oil

    I've almost finished off my first bottle of Carlson's liquid fish oil, and there is this thick layer of sediment/sludge or something on the bottom of the bottle that does not pour. I'm guessing it's oil that has congealed due to the cold of the refigerator. Should I have been shaking up the oil regularly? Should I allow the remaining oil to come to a higher temp so that I can pour it out of the bottle?

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    You should shake it EVERY time. If I remember correctly it says that on the bottle (I've since switched brands), but I didn't read it the first time. The last few tablespoons tasted unbearably lemony. Blech. I'm guessing if you tried to drink that stuff, it's gonna be nearly pure flavoring, and completely disgusting. =P
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