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  • Question about fasting

    So I am new to PB, and thinking about starting to skip a few meals a week. But I also read about how if you eat too little the body goes into starvation mode and wants to hold on to everything.
    Is fasting a good idea for someone who is just starting out? I am feeling pretty good right now, and for the first time in years I feel like I could skip some meals and be ok, but not sure if the idea of IF is more "advanced" than someone just starting out should take on.
    Thanks for any opinions,

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    You may want to wait until your body is comfortable with primal before doing any fasting, but please forget about "starvation mode."

    The body doesn't even respond to any lack of food for 48 hours, so skipping a meal here and there--or an 18-hour fast--will not cause your body to 'hold' onto anything. It is a normal way to eat.

    Again, you may want to wait before beginning to IF if primal eating is new to you, simply because it's best not to attempt too many things at one time because if you run into problems, you aren't sure what's causing them. After you're comfortable with primal eating on a steady basis, then you might IF if you want to do so.


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      I wouldn't worry about jumping into IF... in my opinion a few meals a week is no big deal I think it does give your digestive system a rest. I've read books and while no one recommends jumping into week long fasts or more...skipping a couple meals or even going 24 hours with just liquids seems to be fine for just about anybody. I've done anywhere from 24 hours to 7 day veggie/fruit juice fasts so I have a little experience. I too have for a long time bought into the theory of mini meals being better for the matabolism but after reading all the success stories here on seems a lot of people are doing better now just having a couple meals a day than they were when they would do 5-6 mini meals per day. I think I'm going to try cutting back to just two meals per day here soon and see how that goes. Hope this helps


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        Apologies if you already read this, but personally I found this article and the following comments very helpful as well


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          I am into IFing as well and I would also agree with what everyone else is saying here. You really want to nail down your diet and get used to eating primal before you start IFing. Once you do though, starvation mode really isn't an issue. My normal routine is to IF daily leangains style with occasional longer fasts thrown in as well.