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What Are Your Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Grains?

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    Because I am not a cow that needs fattening up.
    A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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      Because the prospect of having one of my feet amputated fills me with horror.
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        grains (especially wrapped bread) smell funny...personally i think they smell toxic and DEAD

        why waste calories on bloating bread when you can scarf a nice juicy steak?

        Grains alone are BORING! you have to usually add hefty amounts of flavouring, protein and fat to make them palatable (in the exception of flour when it is sugar!)

        They are overused and have made chefs lazy. cheap and easy to make/prepare. = a shite meal.

        Cupcakes are evil. with their big swirls of brighly coloured buttercream and sprinkly sugary treats on top... (EVIL)
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          1. familial intolerance, although my gluten test came back negative
          2. lectins/phytates/anit-nutrients etc
          3. make me fart
          4. give me indigestion
          5. they don't have enough fat and taste like shit without spices etc.

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            They make me feel like crap
            Most of them taste like crap (unless being used as an edible platter for meat/butter/sauce)
            They're inappropriate foods for humans (see: they make me feel like crap)
            'nuff said.
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                1. Insulin resistance and grain...don't get along
                2. I don't like feeling hungry all the time
                3. I don't like feeling bloated and retaining water from it
                4. It really has no taste to it.
                5. I would rather 'fill up' on fat and veggies
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                  lack of color
                  They make my jeans tight for the rest of the day


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                    1. Inflammation. (I can barely even walk when I'm on grains. The repercussions are great if I cheat, so I'm not inclined to do so.)
                    2. Depression.
                    3. Inability to focus at work.
                    4. Makes me fat.
                    5. Headaches.
                    6. Weird sweaty hormone thing.
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                      Having just started I can tell you, there is no question that there was a degree of inflammation associated w/ grains that I find astonishing. I intended to ease into Primal but after a few days on it and suffering symptoms when straying I am pantry clean-out committed. Who needs another reason?

                      And this from a "healthy" whole-grain eating, home baked bread no junk food type of carboholic. Never met a carb I didn't like. They say you're only addicted to what hurts you.

                      I also have embraced the fat, so to speak, as a result of reading this forum and I think that eating the good fats has made me not miss the carbs in a way that I also find astonishing.
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                        I do miss grains, not going to lie. I miss having submarine sandwiches, plate full of lasagna, and especially tortillas! However, I realize they were compromising my health and thus my life. I choose to live rather then sedentary on a full stomach of fat in progression in me.

                        1) Losing weight
                        2) More energy
                        3) Overall more positive
                        4) More strength
                        5) Much less processed food