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Losing weight/weight lifting - Nutrition help.

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  • Losing weight/weight lifting - Nutrition help.

    So, i'm kind of confused and would like some thoughts as to what i'm doing. In my non-workout days, I'm staying under 50g of carbs and between 1500-1800 calories. Obviously, focusing on high fat, moderate protein (110-130 g). On my workout days, I focus on high proteing (150-175 g), higher carb in my post-workout meal, usually a couple sweet potatoes, and lower fat.

    The trouble I'm having is staying low-fat, under 50g on workout days like Mark recommends for refeeds while upping my calories.

    Take today for example

    My PWO meal was b-fest, which consisted of 6 scrambled eggs, 1 can of tuna, and 1 big sweet potato.

    Lunch is going to be 2 chicken breasts (good protein, low calories though), and veggies.

    Dinner..? Was thinking beef, but then again it's high in fat, but good in protein and calories. How does one eat more calories when the highest things in the diet are full of fat?????

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    Fruit, and colored root veggies.


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      Uhm....who said to not eat fat on workout days? I mean, you ate quite a bit of fat in the PWO meal anyways, with the eggs. That's the only part where I really see that advice come in, usually.


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        If you are working out hard several days a week, dont eat like a dieter. Eat all the primal foods your body wants and enjoy.


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          Originally posted by MeatMe216 View Post
          If you are working out hard several days a week, dont eat like a dieter. Eat all the primal foods your body wants and enjoy.
          I agree with this.

          OP, how recent is your avatar pic? Assuming it's fairly recent or that you still look similar to that I would definitely just work out hard, focusing on resistance training but making sure to throw in a sprint day (or a day where you do something metabolically expensive, a couple of rounds of burpees for instance, or hill sprints, etc) and just eat good primal foods without trying to over think the whole process. I know it's easier said than done, but you will see good improvement given your body type right now. This type of micro management will probably come in handy when you're getting to the lower levels of body fat when you have to do more as your body naturally doesn't want to keep losing body fat and you have to introduce carb refeeds and such as a strategy. As it stands right now, just work hard, get good rest, adequate sleep, listen to your body and enjoy life.
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