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Anyone using PRIMAL FUEL yet?

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  • Anyone using PRIMAL FUEL yet?

    How is it going ??

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    I've tried it and I liked it. Didn't plan to actually order any, originally. Then my doc said I needed more protein (this has been an ongoing issue for me for this pregnancy) and I decided... hell, I'll just order some. Unlike a lot of other shakes I've tried, I actually like this one.

    What do you mean though "how is it going?" Do you mean like... is it making a big difference for somebody?

    I have no idea, I'm just thinking of it as an appetizing way to cram in some protein.
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      I am keen to see if it is making difference to anyone -I am looking to use it as a meal replacement as at time I cant manage a need to have high quality protein at all meals (type 1 diabetic)