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Will this diet address these specific concerns?

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  • Will this diet address these specific concerns?

    Me: I've always been thin, but lack energy, often feel tired and nauseated. I'm bored to tears by food, and eat too much sugar and dry cereal because anything else just takes too much time investment. I often skip meals because the effort of eating a "real" meal just doesn't seem worth it. Any dietary changes in our family depend entirely on me, because I'm the one who cooks. To be fair, my family doesn't seem to have any problem with what I cook; it's just me who hates it. Maybe I'm just not a big food fan? My hangup with the primal blueprint is that the few foods I really enjoy are starches: (whole grain) breads, hot cereal, dry cereal, potatoes. I'm willing to try giving them up, though.

    Hubs: Was always really thin as a teenager but ballooned to 210 pounds between 19 and 21. Wants to lose weight and has been going hungry to try to achieve this without results. Will do whatever it takes, as long as it actually works.

    2 boys, 2 and 4. I feed them a lot of "healthy" food like fruit, vegetables, meat, and whole grain breads, but they're ALWAYS hungry.

    Will this diet really work for us and, not to sound skeptical but, how long should I stick with it to see results, and what kind of results should I be looking for? Our current diet is meat, vegetables, fruits, starches, beans. Not much packaged food. No frozen meals or canned soups.

    Also, money's an issue, and we simply can't go entirely organic. What THREE food items should we go organic on to achieve the best ROI on our health/dollars investment?

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    As far as 3 organic foods to shoot for - MEAT, EGGS, soft skin FRUIT&VEGETABLES (the stuff where you don't peel the sking and throw it away but rather consume it all).


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      Thank you ChocolateChip! Out of those categories, which three individual foods would you suggest? Eggs, beef, apples? Eggs, milk, carrots?


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        Someone far more knowledgeable will be along in due course, but for what it's worth I would say that if you choose to include dairy, make THIS organic in place of fruit/veg.

        Just to minimise the nasties going through the poor cow to you! Not sure of US laws on growth hormones, antibiotics etc but in the UK "organic" is a pretty strictly defined term.

        As a novice, it sounds like your family doesn't eat much fat - this definitely helps with appetite control / feeling satisfied, from my own personal experience as well as what I've read.

        I saw another post where a chap couldn't quite get his head around eating fat to lose fat. I realised too late that the concept (NOT the biology!) is similar to treating water retention. As in, most people are familiar with the idea of drinking more water to flush all this extra water out of your system...


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          LeggsRobbins if you haven't already done so, order Mark's book The Primal Blueprint and follow it. When you read about the Korgs you will recognize yourself and your family. This isn't a diet, it is a lifestyle and it can change your life.

          I know every diet book out there claims the same thing but the difference is this is a program you can follow for a lifetime. You don't have to go into it 100%. You can take babysteps and still see rsults. It is about so much more than just eating.

          As for what you can afford, take a good hard look at what you are spending now on processed food and you'll see that you don't really have to spend more to eat better. Look for grass raised and finished beef and buy whatever fruits and vegetables you can afford. Just wash them and use a vegetable scrubber and you should be OK.

          Americans spend 5% of their income on food and 15% on healthcare. 50 years ago it was the other way around. It all depends on what you want to spend your money on, but for me health and vitality take priority over chronic illness, malaise, and depression.


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            I'd definitely give it a go if I were you... cleanse your pantry of all non-primal items and just start. Give it 30 days to see how you all feel.

            I know that after about a week I was GUNG-HO about it, but after about a month to a month and a half, I was more in awe than anything else... and I have no desire to go "back."

            This from someone whose previous diet was heavily starch-based too (pasta, rice, homemade wheat bread, cereals, etc). I ate very little meat before too.

            I was "thin" too but it's skinny-fat... my body composition is (slowly) improving on the PB though.

            Just yesterday I was marveling at my new arm muscles and asked my husband if it was my imagination that they were getting bigger/more toned. He assured me that it was really happening.

            Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.