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Sausages yes or no?

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  • Sausages yes or no?

    So I never touched them, because lets face it, they are processed meat. Not primal.

    But then I thought about it, they may be some acceptable and delicious options out there.

    I found some great ones with 85%-95% wild organic meat content in my supermaket (Sainsbury's)

    Then theres the carbs (rusk, wheat flour corn flour etc.....) but in these it equates to less than 2%, or 5.5g of carbs per 100g (in these good ones). So so long as you aren't obsessive about carb counting, this seems a perfectly acceptable way to live primally in a modern world... i.e. occasional compromise or your 20%.

    Then the reasons why they are great:
    Good quality sausages have had seasoning, herbs and spices packed in to he meat to maximise the flavour, imagine marinading your meat all day before cooking.... but this is more thorough.

    Then you've got the fact that the skin holds in the juices when cooking making the flavours ooze into the juices and keeping the meat succulent. WHY DO PEOPLE PIERCE THE SKINS?! because they are using CW. Keep all the drippings in and enjoy your greasy sausages if you ask me , regular meat loses all those delicious liquids...

    Your thoughts?
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    I think it is the breakfast sausages that are processed and should be avoided. We used to make homemade Italian sausage a lot as a kid and well with the family owning a butcher shop, nothing was processed in the sausage, it was ground up pork and fat with italian seasoning being stuffed into a sausage skin. I have to admit as a kid it was fun working that machine LOL. I would say it was safe to eat the real rope Italian sausage that you can buy in the meat section, not the prepackaged jimmy dean style.
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      I've been wondering about this as of late, too. I think I'm going to restrict my consumption of processed meats to Applegate Farms breakfast sausages two to three times per week. I find that I feel lethargic after I eat any other kind of processed meat, no matter how "natural" or "minimally processed" it is.


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        I buy sausages from a local farm that is 100% clean. If you can do that, then YES YES YES YES! They are so good and filling, and you can fry eggs in the grease.
        Also, I have a theory that they are quite nutrient-laden, because they have things in them like innards and brain and other leftovers that you don't like to think about, but contain "rare" nutrients that you need.

        But if you're just buying wal-mart sausage...that fat has everything from pesticides to antibiotics in it, I would avoid.


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          Originally posted by rockstareddy View Post
          So I never touched them, because lets face it, they are processed meat. Not primal.
          Not sure why the Brits put all that rusk, flours, whatever grains and other ingredients in their sausages. The sausages we make are ground pork with whatever organic spices to make the desired type of sausage. Not processed. Primal.


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            i like the pork breakfast sausage made on site at Whole Foods. No filler.


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              Yeah, there's definitely primal sausage options here in the States. I mean they're "processed" in the sense that they're ground up, but that's no more processed than any meat would be after you chew it. And you can get them without added sodium nitrate (Applegate Farms for example) and they're delicious.

              (Of course, I don't necessarily think that celery salt is super-superior to adding sodium nitrate -- they BOTH add nitrate, technically, and the celery salt can actually add more! They're all cured in that sense. But I think Applegate tastes great, so hey.)
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                Mum bought some Bramley apple & pork bangers from M&S and I had a couple tonight. I gave the ingredients a cursory glance - no rusk, no oatmeal. After I'd eaten them - I looked at the package again - HONEY AND SUGAR - ARGH!! Why both...? Seems overkill to me. Thought they were sweet but I thought that was just the apples.

                Oh well, chalk that up to the 20%. And the apple pie and custard.
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                  I love me some sausage! I get Jones breakfast sausage patties, they are natural and have some that are not maple, so no added sugar. I also get the stuff the butcher makes. I do have to be careful with some brands though, as they add textured vegetable protein (barf!) as do ALL the frozen meatballs in out commissary.

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                    The sausages at the local marketplace butcher are just ground pork, porkfat and spices. They are delish. And I eat them regularly.


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                      I just buy pork shoulder when it's on sale for under a buck and have the butcher grind it for me at no charge. Then I add my own seasonings. It's not grass-fed or even organic, but I'm primal-on-a-budget so I have to make compromises. Makes cheap and tasty breakfast sausage though with no nitrates.


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                        I buy FANTASTIC sausages from pastured pigs at my farmers market They are AWESOME in salads. Its processed just like all other meats. But its pure meat with a little sugar (I think this is a must) and some spices.

                        Oh, I also enjoy Applegate Farms 100% grass fed hot dogs too.
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                          I get gluten free sausages from a local organic pork farm. Delicious. And a lot of M&S sausage is gluten free and sugar free (Sugar? In a sausage??!!)
                          If you ask your local butcher they might knock out some gluten free sausage for you...

                          And yes, I agree. Unpricked, fried in lard - delicious! I have sausage about 4 times per week - breakfast is a favourite meal!


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                            My local organic pig farm makes gluten free sausage due to frequent requests - ask your local butcher and keep asking - they are superb, just meat, flavouring, fat and of course skins.

                            Some M&S sausages are gluten free too - read the ingredients and pass on those with sugar (sugar?? In a sausage?!!)

                            Or ask the butcher for skins and make your own - not difficult. You can get a second hand Kenwood chef from eBay and a mincer / sausage stuffer for very little. The mincer also helps you to make superb pate too - fat, pork, liver - a really nutritious treat.


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                              Originally posted by earthspirit View Post
                              The sausages at the local marketplace butcher are just ground pork, porkfat and spices. They are delish. And I eat them regularly.
                              Same here. My local meat market makes a very primal onion sausage that I almost every morning.