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Cheat! Sorbet and dark chocolate cake! Oh no!

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  • Cheat! Sorbet and dark chocolate cake! Oh no!

    So, I have been staying so primal for 3 weeks now - no cheats on weekend of pasta and pizza - which is what I was doing for a while. I have been feeling really good because of it too! But last night, we went to this great trattoria, and we had the most delicious primal meal - Bagna Cauda - it is a typical dish of the region where I live. You take raw vegetables like peppers, fennel, celery, cabbage, etc. and you dip it in this hot sauce of garlic, butter, and anchovies. YUM. Omega 3 heaven! The menu was fixed and they brought out the dessert automatically, ( I know i could have said "Pass) but I didnt....and so I ate the dessert - a small scoop of homemade apricot ice cream and a small brownie sized molten chocolate cake - all homemade, but definitley contained sugar and white flour. AHHHHHH! Back on the primal wagon today...trying ot forget teh dessert. But, I wish I could allow myself these treats and not feel this guilt. Any suggestions?

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    I say don't worry about it lol if you STRESS about it, then its like you're adding insult to injury IMO. I did a similar thing a cuople weekends ago at a friends baby shower at a REALLY high quality italian place. The slice of soft semolina bread was the temptress & won out in the end & for dessert I had some chocolate tasted good but my heart rate increased & felt like my heart was beating out of my chest & I thought to myself, "that did NOTHING but shoot my insulin through the CEILING, do some damage to my intestines & it didn't taste even as good as I remember/wished it would." So now i know.
    *shrug* and get back on the wagon & chalk it up to experience.


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      I know that a lot of people say they feel terrible if they eat sugar, wheat, etc., but I suspect that Mark's 20% is based on the fact that Primal eating is protective!

      I say this because I'm very sensitive to sugar--it causes my arthritis to flare up, and I can suffer for at least 24 hrs from any 'indulgence.' However, I've been eating primal for quite some time, including IF, and twice (once every four weeks), I've been in a similar situation to the OP. The dessert 'appeared' and was too delicious to pass up. Neither time did I suffer any 'consequences' for the indulgence. I went right back to strict primal, and I felt just fine.

      So now I don't stress about such things--but I try to make them less than 5% of my WOE. One always has to be careful of the 'slippery slope' that can lead to the SAD!