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    I am new to this but am glad I found the site as I have to go on a starch free diet to try and get some pain relief from a disease called AS. I am just curious as to how much fruit you can actually eat on this type of regime as I had planned to purchase a Vitamix blender and planned to pretty much live off things such as green smoothies (including fruits and veg) and meats, eggs, limited dairy (which I was looking at replacing with things such as coconut cream/coconut milk). I may use dairy cream and cheese as the my main dairy selections, but only occassionally.

    Any help or info any can provide me with regarding fruits would be really appreciated.

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    I think it depends on the individual. Mark puts fruit and vegetables at the bottom of the PB food pyramid (meaning they should be the foundation of your diet).

    If you are interested in weight loss, some people seem to find that too much fruit bumps their carb intake too high, keeps them craving sugar, and/or impedes weight loss. Others find fruit is important for their success.

    Personally, I eat fruit frequently (especially berries) and seem to be losing weight in spite of that. I follow a pretty restrictive diet to keep lectins low to treat my severe RA. If you find the standard PB isn't helping enough with your AS, you may want to consider giving up high lectin foods such as nuts, nightshades, eggs, and dairy. It makes a big difference for me.

    Good luck!!!
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    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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      Hey, from another aussie.

      depends if you propose to adhere to Mark's recommendations re carb 'sweet spot'.

      Generally, I try eat much more veg than fruit (but you can still smoothy them) and I think a lot of people here are the same, but everyone tweaks their primal experience to suit their objectives - I am trying to keep carbs low so I don't include a lot of fruit - certainly not daily.

      Best fruits are berries,prunes, apples, kiwi, grapefruit, apricots, peaches, figs, but depends if you are avoiding carbs. Worst are probably banana and mango - which is a shame because I bet you have heaps around atm.

      Check out Mark's 101 posts. Check out to plug in foods and get macronutrient values if you are aiming for lowish carbs.

      Good luck. This forum is great source of info. And I am sure people with a lot more nutrition knowledge will chime in.


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        Thank you all so much for your replies

        Having vegetables and fruits at the bottom of the food pyramid sounds like my kind of plan as they are my favourite foods and it certainly makes more sense than the current food pyramid with 11 servings of grain products at the bottom!

        I am also looking to lose weight (which I figured should happen quite easily on this program without all the starchy grains) but would probaly aim to eat maybe 3-4 servings of fruit per day such as apple, pear, berries, oranges (bananas are definately out for me) but generally only in smoothies with other veggies. I have read studies that state too much fruit can make you gain weight, but going back a few years now, all I ate was fruit salads - all day, every day and I have never felt so good and full of energy, I went to the toilet literally like clockwork and lost weight which put me at the smallest weight I had ever been. I would love to feel like that again.

        I believe the reason that fruits really worked for me is because they are apparently the easiest of all foods for your body to digest and my digestion has always caused me problems. Thank you Jammies for the tip on the lectins too, will definately keep that in mind if I find I am still having some issues


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          I guess my question for you would be, why are you planning on making smoothies out of all your vegetables?


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            By AS I assume you mean Ankylosing spondylitis.

            Your proper approach is to construct a diet that is most beneficial for you. Mark didn't write his book for someone with AS. The purpose of taking starch out of your diet is to avoid feeding the bacteria that current theory says caused your AS. So the question is whether fruit feeds bacteria? If you can figure that out then you will know how much fruit to have.
            Other considerations include whether too much fructose will present a problem for you. Again, that is something you will have to research on your own unless someone else here can help.

            AS is an autoimmune disease and is like arthritis (as I understand it). Other posters here suffer from arthritis and autoimmune problems. Some of their experiences may benefit you. Griff cured his arthritis by completely cutting out grains. Tomatoes and other nightshades are known to cause arthritis.

            My own recommendation with regard to fruits is to limit your consumption of them to be on the safe side because the sugars in them may be a problem. I don't know much about AS so maybe someone else can provide you with more info.
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              Kuno1chi - I wouldn't be making smoothies out of all veggies as I love my big green salads for lunch, but with AS alot of the starches in veggies are released when cooked (avoiding starches means pain free for me!) and there is no way known to mankind that I would sit down to a plate of raw broccoli, cauli and zucchini - YUCK!! I figured (if for the most part) I made smoothies out of them with the addition of a bit of fruit it would certainly be more palatable whilst still getting in all of my vital nutrients

              Yes Bushrat, You have got it right. There will be alot of trial and error as I have only just been diagnosed and appear to have it in it's early stages so I am hoping that a diet change will be of huge benefit at this point in time as taking the drugs is something I am just not interested in doing. Fruits appear to be fine for most AS sufferers (with the obvious exception of starchy bananas), though depending on how they are ripened will ultimately depend on any starch levels they may contain. Thank you for the tip on tomatoes and night shade veggies too
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                The mroe you eat this way the more you may find you like raw veggies on occasion too. Sometime's it just about finding the right dressing. For instance, I never thought of myself as a celery eater (not that I hated it, just wasn't a fav) till I thought of making single servings of wing sauce (Frank's red hot+butter) to dip my celery in. I can eat stalks at a time like that

                Maybe there are ways you could indulge in raw veggies too when you get bored of smoothies!