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Weight Maintanence and Carb intake

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  • Weight Maintanence and Carb intake

    I feel best when I eat between 100-150 carbs a day from veggies. My workouts are fantastic when I do this. However, I'm finding more success dropping the last of my body fat by increasing my fat intake and lowering my carb intake to below 20g a day. What I'd like to do is to continue eating under 20g of carbs a day until I lose the rest of the excess body fat, and then transition back to a diet where I'm eating the 100-150 carbs. I know that Mark prescribes more carbs than what I eat for "effortless weight loss" but my weigh loss has been, erm, anything but "effortless" at those carb levels. What I'd like to know is if any of you have done something similar successfully. Has anyone gone very low carb to reach the body fat level they desired and then gone to a moderate carb level and been able to maintain that lower body fat? Because I'd rather not have to stay so low carb the rest of my life. Long term, I'd prefer to be a lil pudge pudge but in a super good mood all the time, instead of being in a medium mood and lean. Of course what I'd really prefer is to be lean and in a super good mood.