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Tracked my food...questions on nutrients not at 100%

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  • Tracked my food...questions on nutrients not at 100%

    Hi there. I am doing an elimination diet and tracked my food. There is no dairy (other than butter), grains, and very little starch. I had planned to eliminate eggs, but have yet to do so. So, my total calories were around 1400...which is low, yes, but I had weight loss surgery and this is as much food as I can possibly eat. I am also going to follow a lower carb diet due to reflux, so my carbs might even go down more.

    Okay, I tried posting my food intake from, but that didn't work.

    Essentially, my macros were 20% carbs, 53% fats, and 27% protein. 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3.

    Calcium was low (29%), the rest of the minerals were very close or over 100%.

    Vitamins were good except B-vitamins, which were low, esp thiamin and pantothenic acid.

    Should I be supplementing with just a multi and calcium/mag? I already take 10,000 IU vitamin D daily, 1000 mg DHA/500 mg EPA fish oil daily, fermented cod liver oil every other day, and probiotics. The ratios above did not include the omega-3 from the fish oil/FCLO.

    Also, because of Hashimoto's, should I avoid multi's with iodine?
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    Okay, I switched everything to fitday so it can be public. Can someone take a look and make some recommendations please?

    Thank you!


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      Geez, you can't see the total nutrition breakdown with fitday either.