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A yellow onion is really 15 grams of carbs!?

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  • A yellow onion is really 15 grams of carbs!?

    I ate a yellow onion this morning thinking it would be a low carb option to go with my eggs

    Little did I know. I certainly wouldn't have thought a tomato (a fruit) would be lower carb per volume than an onion. My day just got a little sadder now.

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    There are a lot of sugars in onions (that's why they caramelize so nicely) so they are fairly carby. A good sized onion (8 oz.) is 15g carbs.

    I wouldn't be sad though. Onions have a lot of healthy properties. Now you know about them so in the future you could make portion adjustments if needed. Some people use scallions (young, green onions) to get that nice onion flavor without the high carbs. They are very tasty in egg dishes or salads.


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      Don't sweat it.
      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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        mmmmmmmm i love onions..... i use a whole one a day sometimes lol
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          At least it wasn't oatmeal to go with your eggs! hehe


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            Unless you are going for ketosis, 15g carbs is nothing. Also, unless your onion was absolutely massive you are probably overestimating the carb count.

            For a yellow onion the average carb count is like 12g (and if you count net, 3g fiber takes it to 9g carbs)

            Just throwing it out there cause I have no idea what size onion you ate.


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              Oh my goodness! 15 whole grams! Now you've really screwed up. Most people around here consider onions, garlic, and parsley to be rare cheats.

              Seriously, you can go zero carb and just eat meat, eggs, and oil if you want to. Getting upset about the carb content of veggies isn't going to make you healthier or happier in any way I can fathom.
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                Thanks guys! I'm not really sweating it, or worrying over it, I just expected it to be a lot less. I meant the "my day just got a little sadder now" in good humor. Believe me, I'm not stressing or getting upset or letting it ruin me, haha.

                And no, I'm not in ketosis, but I'm trying to drop a few lbs (maybe 5?) and my carb count always seems to hit 100, never below, so I'm trying a little harder to whittle it down.

                Also, Rivvin, you're right in that I might be overestimating. This was a pretty small yellow onion, smaller than my fist.


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                  I love onions, especially raw, but also cooked. They do turn sweet when cooked.

                  I read of their use as a cure for scurvy in Two Years Before the Mast, an account by Richard Henry Dana of his journey as a seaman aboard a square rigger in 1834-5.

                  A fascinating read.


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                    I figure most things that grow under ground are a little more carby. Onions are wonderful though. I'd happily eat them all day.


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                      I always like the response that goes along the lines of, "If you're worrying about carbs in an onion, you win," except in this case - I don't think you win if you're worrying about carbs in onions! JMO.


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                        have you tried shallots? they are good whole and a smaller size, so portion control easier....i find i use a half an onion at a time, or 1 shallot..

                        if you were that worried.

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