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Gluten hangover?

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  • Gluten hangover?

    I've been eliminating grains over the past month, and at this point I go several days without eating any. The difference is amazing! The one thing I've noticed though, is the longer I go without eating gluten in particular, when I do have some I'm much more adversely affected than before I began decreasing. Is this normal, or coincidence?

    Yes, my eventual goal is to eliminate grains completely, but I need to take baby steps. The gluten hangovers may help that happen sooner rather than later!

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    Yes, it's normal - you are purging a toxin from your body, and it doesn't like it when you re-introduce it.
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      I ate a couple slices of pizza the other night...within minutes my cheeks flushed red, just like a person in an Old Dutch Master painting, living during the Little Ice Age. I was kind of freaked out by that. Don't think I'm eating grains anytime soon again.


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        Give up eating gluten and save your hangovers for the day after a good drinking session. Its more fun.
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          It's absolutely a gluten hangover. If you cut sugar, you'll get those too after a while. Because it turns out I'm really allergic to grains, to help the symptoms I end up taking antihistamine beforehand. Aversion therapy works for me -- getting so sick afterward makes it even less appealing than ever. Best of luck to you!
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            When I first started giving up wheat/grains/gluten, an exposure would give me a lot of issues. Screw the baby steps. Just cut them out. Once I did that, my gut had a chance to heal. Several months later, I've found that a small exposure doesn't really affect me like it did when I'd just "dabble" with cutting them out or reducing them. For example, if I have a piece of bread in the context of a larger meal I seem to feel no effects like I would in the past where that same exposure would give me a "hangover." Now it's all about dose and context....which I keep to a minimum. I remind myself that just because it doesn't necessarily make me feel crappy, doesn't mean it's not damaging.
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              It has become so bad with me that even if I eat a tiny bit (by accident) my face flushes and I feel crappy for a day or two. I have Celiac, so that is a large part of it (!) but a month or so ago I had gluten that someone added to a salad dressing .. ? ... and it was so obvious I had to comb over my last few meals to figure out where I ate wheat.
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                Totally. Last time I had a slice of bread, within 10 minutes my heart rate went up, my skin got hot, I got REALLY thirsty, and all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep. Unpleasant.