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Do we REALLY need that postworkout shake?

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  • Do we REALLY need that postworkout shake?

    I'm about to do a 24 hour fast. I'm about to have my last big meal in a couple of hours. Then friday I will have nothing til 6pm. Tommorows workout plan is going to be uphil sprints (Killer!), followed by Sledgehammer workout. Normally I grab a shake right after, but while fasted, obviously I can't.

    What's the low down on no protein shakes after vigorous workouts while fasting?

    Do we REEEALLY need them? Or is there some metabolic healing effect without them.

    (JSYK, Friday evening will be fasted til Saturday aswell, 2 in a row!, so friday evening will be a collosal eating window)

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    Nope, we don't REEEALLY need them. We'll survive either way.

    Whether or not PWO nutrition of various types is beneficial depends upon individual goals. Someone trying to build muscle mass might do well do consume some protein and carbs post workout (not necessarily a protein shake, though -- what's wrong with real food?). Someone focused on losing bodyfat would benefit from fasting post workout.
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      If your body isn't currently low on protein then fasting for less than 48 hours should not cause your body to move to it's backup protein source (catabolizing your muscles and organs). I like to make sure that I get plenty of protein right before I start an extended fast as well as ending it with plenty of protein. A 24 hour fast should not cause you any problems at all even with a vigorous workout.


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        I have been toying around with this idea from quite somtime now. Finally 2 weeks back I put it into practice. I haven't been having any whey protein postworkout all this while. The result?? My recovery is still intact and my bodycomposition seems to be improving as it was before. My g/f feels the same way. Mind you both of us do powerlifting so the workouts are intense and heavy.

        We are more than happy to renounce the use of whey for a hearty solid meal.


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          nice replies, sometimes I finish the gym and I sit there getting my whey box and flask out of the cupboard thinking......grok wouldn't do this crap.


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            Post-workout nutrition has at best, a marginal effect. Carbohydrates after an intense workout also inhibit the release of growth hormone and testosterone, two hormone drives that are integral to healthy body composition, whatever your goals are.


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              If by consuming a post workout shake a person somehow gains an advantage compared to not having one will for all intents and purpose depend on whether they've hit their daily macro goal. You can consume all the protein shakes you want but if your not consuming properly the rest of the day, it won't make any difference. It's really for the athlete where nutrient timing and food partitioning makes sense......for the rest of us a protein shake is just a good marketing campain to seperate us from our hard earned money. jmo.
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                On the one hand, humans got along just fine for thousands of years without protein shakes. On the other hand, humans also got along just fine for those same thousands of years without doing "workouts".

                If Grok had exerted himself with unusual vigor, that probably would have made him hungry. If you're hungry after working out, eat something! I'm just not really seeing why it should be something different from what you would normally eat.


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                  I would say fast for 24 hrs, then do your workout, THEN eat some real food.

                  Screw the protein shake.

                  By fasting you jack up your insulin sensitivity, increase fat-burning hormones and create a superior nutrient partitioning effect between your muscles and fat tissue. Not to mention uphill sprints might be the most intense exercise you can possible do and these my themselves would be enough to so all of the above without even fasting. Combine the two and you are putting yourself in a perfect position to simultaneously gain muscle and lose fat.


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                    Well I did my sprints, then 20 or so mins later a bit of sledgehammer work. Here I am now and feel fine, my appetite feels surpressed, and i'm not feeling that 'I know i'm fasted, i'm slightly hungry,i feel empty, it's tempting to eat, but i'm not' feeling anymore which is nice.

                    If anything, I'd like to have 1 meal a day everyday, so nice not to fool around with multiple meals. I'm not sure if I get enough macros in though for the big meal. Maybe I should spread the meal over 2 hours or something.


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                      Originally posted by Greg B View Post
                      Post-workout nutrition has at best, a marginal effect. Carbohydrates after an intense workout also inhibit the release of growth hormone and testosterone, two hormone drives that are integral to healthy body composition, whatever your goals are.
                      Really? I don't doubt you at all, but would be interested in a source. I've heard from my 27 year old daughter, who isn't primal, but who stays in shape, that it's good to have protein after a workout to keep from losing muscle mass. But she says protein, not carbs.

                      I've seen a lot of posts, and they make sense, that it pays to have some carbs before a workout. I wonder how long before would be optimal.

                      In any case, I wouldn't want to do anything to stop the increased sex drive one gets from being "primal."

                      I don't know how much carbs are mixed into the whey protein powder. I'd better read the container.

                      As for Grok, I don't think he'd have had starchy carbs around, so wouldn't likely have eaten them after physical stress.


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                        You won't lose muscle mass so fast. I used to tote my protein shake and desperately drink it as soon as I finished the last set of that day's workout. I can't believe I was so foolish to think my body would catabolize itself so damn fast but I thought the same thing your daughter does. It's just not true.
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