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Exhaustion, Guilty Slip & Asthma

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  • Exhaustion, Guilty Slip & Asthma

    Iíve been eating my own version of what I now know to be Primal for the last six months. For the last 5 or 6 weeks Iíve been strictly Primal with no lapses (Iíd been having a very small amount of dairy and legumes before that point Ė but no grains). I have really enjoyed my new found nutrition and have felt so good for it.

    My main aim this year has been to get myself into the best shape I have ever been in; to be really fit, healthy and strong. As such Iíve hugely upped my exercise (I know this isnít PB, but it has now become part of my life and I love it). I currently run to and from work, go to the gym several times a week and attend a few dance classes each week. I love this activity (which I have surprised myself with as prior to this year I was not at all active) and I have no intention of getting the bus instead of running to work. I do between two and five hours of exercise a day in all.

    I have lost about 15kg this year and 3 or 4 dress sizes so far. However, for the last month or so Iíve plateaued and my weight loss has become ridiculously slow. I still have between 9 and 16 kilos to loose (depending on what I read!)

    Anyway, Iíd really appreciate some wisdom.

    Iím beating myself up over my conduct over the last two days. Iíve socialised more than usual in the evenings which has meant Iíve not had time for enough sleep. This and the level of exercise has left me absolutely exhausted from afternoon to evening every day. Iíve just had my period and had an overwhelming need to eat rubbish (this never normally happens)! So Iím ashamed to say I went to my local shop and bought lots of chocolate and crisps and ate and ate! Over the last few months Iíve been repulsed by this food and never tempted. Iím so cross with myself and really worried about what I may have started and done to my body.

    My other frustration is that since I upped my exercise and further refined my PB nutrition my previously ďdormantĒ asthma has returned with a vengeance! I have to use my ventalin twice a day (always during cardio or pre-emptively before) and canít bear the thought of the nasty chemicals Iím putting into my body. It seems crazy that I only eat organic, real food and yet I force chemicals into my body every day.

    Iíd really value and appreciate any comments & thoughts you can share with me.

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    I've had a bunch of slip-ups lately, including a major one yesterday. It sucks, but try not to beat yourself up about it. There's nothing you can do once you've eaten the stuff. Just try to get back to primal the next day and move on. For me, staying primal can be a challenge. I live in a big city and socialize a lot. Temptations abound when eating out, going to happy hours, etc. Plus I really love candy and sweets and that love doesn't seem to be going away either. So when you slip up, just accept it and eat as well as you can for at least the next few days to get yourself back on track.


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      Thanks TCM, glad to know it's not just me!

      You're so right about socalising. I went to a barbeque last weekend and the host was so proud he'd thought to buy me some special nibbles so I would be left out - a bowl of salted peanuts! It's at times like that I wish I didn't have the English need to be polite and not offend!


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        You may be overtraining.


        When you overtrain, you get more respiratory infections and auto-immune issues like asthma. Please re-read the part in the Primal Blueprint where it talks about the fitness pyramid: lots of low-level activity punctuated by occaisonal (like once a week or so) sprints and lifting heavy things.

        If you are working hard, physically, running every day AND going to the gym AND not sleeping can easily overtax your body and increase your risk for illness and injury. REST! Take a few days off from exercise! Sleep in!

        Rueful advice from someone who has been there, BIG TIME.


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          Agree with overtraining. Take a week off from exercise, and make a point tong to bed early. Also, I would take a day, and eat high carb. Not junk, but lots of fruit. A leptin reefed is never a bad idea. Also, that cheat day will not have a lasting effect.


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            Yep. Overtraining for sure. More is NOT better with PB. If you keep up with the chronic exercise, you will do far more harm than you ever will good. I am a former 6 days a week gym junkie that saw no results for a year. I Stopped all the insane training, and I train now twice a week, sometimes three if I am feeling strong. I totally kick it HARD for 20-40 minutes combined sprints and strength training. I sleep ALOT, 8+ hours a night plus naps during the day when I can. I not only broke my plateau, but lost another pant size, and feel stronger than ever. Less is MORE on PB. that is all you need to know. along with eating LOTS of healthy fat. don't over think it. it's really THAT simple.


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              Over training will stir up the asthma. I have asthma and have to be careful when starting a new workout regimen, I get hyped up and do too much too often and get flare ups. My training now consists of short duration high intensity work, I keep the sessions under 30min 3-4 times a week. If I increase the session even to 40min my asthma kicks in. If I do more days a week my asthma kicks in or I get a respiratory infection.


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                +5 on the overtraining. Cortisol increases, inflammation sets in and then it becomes clear where all of the current symptoms could be coming from. I'd try taking the primal approach to fitness.


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