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  • Oxtail Soup

    I have always made vegetable soup over the years but because of the cost of grass fed beef I am trying the soup with Oxtail. I have always avoided fat and so I became fat from all the sugar. Here I am ready to add all the vegetables into my wonderful stock and what pops into my head. Hey, your not going to drain all the fat off! If I take my stock and place it in the fridge I am sure I will get a thick layer of fat the question becomes should I remove the fat?

    If a good cook would tell me what to do I would really appreciate it.

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    Sometimes I scrape it off and sometimes I don't. If I do remove it, I save it for frying veges or something. For me, the flavor of the fat and my mouthfeel mood make the decision. In other words, play it by ear.
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      A more direct question (from a man who thought pop tarts and peppermint patties were diet food because they had no fat) is this fat good for me?
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        This fat is fine. WIth oxtails I tend to skip it after it cools because when I have big oxtail pieces it is very fatty and I don't like the way it feels in my mouth. Even if you skim it there will be plenty of fat left. I made some this weekend, skimmed the fat before reheating, and then there was more to skim after it cooled again because more fat rendred out on the second cooking. I slow cooked it oth time sin teh crock-pot so it didn't dry out. The left overs i am heating in the microwave.

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          Tastes way way better if you skim it.
          You can always save the fat and do something else with it.