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    I have hyperlipidemia that is more then likely genetic. Going against the establishment is hard. I was given a sheet of foods to avoid, and besides fried foods, the second food listed is avocado, then coconut or derivatives. You might think I would be happy to go against the advice given to my father. After his first heart attack he did everything he was told. He tried to walk, ate 6 small meals a day, began eating cereal and oatmeal for breakfast and gave up smoking and yet his triglycerides were still over 600.

    I know mine are off the chart. They have been for a while. I'm really scared to go now because I'm almost sure they will give me a statin. Of course I could be firm. Have it tested this week, then when they tell me they want me on the meds I can say give me a month or two, and retest while I eat strictly primal. I do fear it will still be high because of genetics. But it's worth a shot, right?

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    Absolutely it is worth a shot. You know it can be done because you have done it before. I say get the labs drawn now and then commit to being primal for 6-8 weeks and get retested!

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      Ditching grains and sugar should lower your trigs. Mine are down to 44. Wifes are 39. I'm primal for 3+ years now...


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        This is all good to hear because I was told my triglyceride levels were a little high six or seven months ago. Haven't rescheduled a blood test but after my wife saw a jaw of coconut oil she said she'd be upset with me if I got retested without better results She's keeping me motivated!
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          My trigs are at 48. I drink coconut milk everyday, and eat at least four avacados a week. I have only been primal about a year. There are so many people on this forum who have proved going against the grain works for them, you might at well give it a shot. Also, go read Dr. Eades' blog. He is a doctor and his method of getting people's levels corrected is a low carb approach. (just in case you need to see something from a MD to give you that comfy feeling)


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            If you have some family history going on you may need to do things differently than the standard primal diet. We are just learning about this ourselves. My husband just had his VAP cholesterol test after 4 months of being primal and it was very eye opening. You can check it out on this thread:

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