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  • Lack of hunger

    A week ago I had started a thread saying how ravenous I was immediately following dinner, which would subsequently lead to me gorging on almonds... usually, lol. Since then I had been really paying attention to my hunger and satiety levels before and after eating, only to discover that the more attention I paid to my bodily signals, the less hungry I felt.

    Now, I feel as though I'm not hungry/eating often enough, haha. Many times I skip breakfast and force myself to eat a lunch and dinner before heading to bed shortly thereafter.

    So I guess what I'm asking now is - With regards to skipping meals, when does it go too far? Minimum 2 good meals/day? I'm not in danger of malnutrition or anything

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    Originally posted by W1ld View Post
    With regards to skipping meals, when does it go too far?
    When someone notices adverse phenomena?

    It's said that if you fast you begin to lose muscle-mass after 16 hours. Now I guess if you ate a meal early in the evening at 6 o'clock, and didn't eat breakfast till latish at 8 o'clock, you would already have gone 14 hours. Possibly if someone usually ate early in the evening but then often didn't eat till midday it would be sub-optimal.

    I don't suppose if someone is feeling fine and isn't gaining or losing weight drastically on any particular regime there can be much wrong. You could only get a closer grip on the process by taking measurements - having blood tests done.