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  • Effective dairy-free probiotics

    Through a few things I'm chalking up as too much work and not enough play, I have found myself with pneumonia. Yippee.

    I took myself into quick care yesterday, thinking I had a sinus infection, and ended up spending three plus hours there, chest x rays, EKG, blah blah blah, and ta-da! You have pneumonia. Which, in retrospect, DOES explain the chest pain I've been having, that I'd chalked up to too much coughing. I received, among other things, Rocephin via IV, and rx's for two abs to take concurrently-Zithromax (azithromycin) and Cefuroxime, along with LDN and multiple steroids.

    Normally, I'd just nab a container of my delicious Greek Gods yogurt, and eat that with glee, or even just buy a bit of raw milk from my old cowshare gal and make homemade yogurt. Now that I'm dairy-free, however, I'm a bit perplexed as to what I can eat for 'good bugs'. I grabbed a thing of sauerkraut in the refridgerator section, because quite frankly, I don't quite feel like making it (I have and it's AWESOME-when it works).

    What else will repopulate my drug-depleted self with good bacteria and keep me away from moo-juice? I live in a smallish town with not much in the way of health food stores-no Trader joes, no Whole Foods, not even a co-op within 30 miles.

    Any good brands of probiotic supplements, even? I've always been skeptical of probiotic pills because I never know if they've been kept cold/gotten hot/way outdated/so on. Yogurt is all I've ever used, but I'm on a bit of a roll here flubber-wise, and I'd just as soon keep it up if possible.

    Chief cook & bottle washer for one kid, a dog, 6 hens, 2 surprise! roosters, two horses, and a random 'herd' of quail.

    ~The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something one knows nothing about and refuses to investigate~

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    Kombucha has probiotics. You probably can't buy that around there, but you could brew it for super cheap if you're looking for an ongoing solution.


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      I may be wrong but I think there was a thread floating around about real apple cider vinegar (such as Bragg) having probiotics.