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when how often do you eat

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  • when how often do you eat

    I have been struggling with when to eat.....
    there are so many times i cook dinner or have lunch
    just because it is that time. But honestly if i waited until I actually felt
    hunger I would be eating once a day some days not at all.

    as a general rule should one wait until I actually feel hungry,
    or eat to keep a constant flow of energy available..

    thoughts appreciated.

    Brian k

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    I do a little of both.

    Some mornings I have a protein shake after my morning workout. Other days I just go with coffee.

    I generally do take something for lunch. If I'm hungry I eat it all. If not I eat as much as I need and that's it, or save it for a later break in the day. Dinner is much the same way. I'm usually hungry around 6 so that's when I eat, but if I'm not really hungry, like yesterday, I ended up just eating an avocado and some chocolate around 9.

    Weekends are a free-for-all. It's totally unpredictable. They're sometimes so busy I grab something when I have the opportunity, but usually those days I have only a couple meals.


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      I eat 5 times a day. No huge meals. I see that many people here skip breakfast, I'm not sure how that would be possible for me, or how that is healthy.
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        I do a little of both as well.

        I usually eat two meals a day, one after working out in the morning and one several hours before bed. If I'm not hungry for the second meal then I'll occasionally skip it. And on a rest day I'll sometimes skip the first meal and just eat one large one later on. I tend to feel a lot better when my caloric intake is all over the place. Some days I'll get almost nothing but liquids, and some days I'll stuff my face. Don't think about it too much. Just eat the right things and eat when you feel like eating.
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          I typically eat three or four meals a day - breakfast around 8, lunch around 1, snack around 6, and dinner around 9 or 10, or no snack and an earlier dinner. I just can't fit enough food in my stomach to meet my energy requirements otherwise. Lunch is my biggest meal. As long as I avoid grazing, I do fine that way.
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            B at 8.30
            L at 2
            D at 8

            sometimes no lunch
            never skip brekky - cant do it !


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              I eat 2 meals a day.... a brunch around 11:30-12:00 and then dinner at anytime between 6-8 just depends on the day...some days I eat one meal. I only eat when I am hungry, I cook for everyone else though at regular times so my kids eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would encourage you to eat when you feel hungry.
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                Breakfast at 6:00, Lunch at 9:30, Snacks at 11:00, Snack after I get home at 2:30, Dinner at 6-7

                I'm a growing teenager sooo
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                  Originally posted by HealthyMindFitBody View Post
                  I eat 5 times a day. No huge meals. I see that many people here skip breakfast, I'm not sure how that would be possible for me, or how that is healthy.
                  Well it's healthy because it keeps your insulin levels low for a longer period of time, giving you a chance to burn fat / give your liver a rest, and give your digestive system a break to repair itself before the next meal. Basic Primal stuff. Why wouldn't it be healthy, is the real question. We definitely are not designed to need food every three hours like a field mouse. I usually like to do my workouts before eating anything, and I feel better doing that for sure.
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                    Noon and 7p. Do not. Eat when not hungry.


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                      I only eat when I am hungry, and lately that hasn't been very often. For instance, today I didn't eat until 7pm - steak, eggs, and veggies all cooked in butter - and I am good to go. I did drink coffee all day with tons of cream though - so that kept me going.

                      I've never been a breakfast person - ever. It's usually only a small lunch or snack, and a big dinner during the week. And I tend to eat a little more on the weekends.
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                        My eating pattern has changed dramatically since going primal and continues to evolve. I used to eat 3 meals a day at the absolute same time everyday, and probably one snack plus a small dessert after dinner. Now, I have 2 meals, one at about 11:30 am and one at about 4:30 pm. The fact that I don't go around saying, "I'm hungry, I'm hungry" all of the time is an amazing shift.


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                          I usually skip breakfast...sorta...I just postpone it really.

                          Eggs and bacon around 11
                          BAS with meat around 3 (not needed if breakfast was enough)
                          Meat/fish and gobs of veggies in butter around 7

                          I eat when I'm hungry...and I'm very grateful to finally understand what that is after going Primal.


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                            BreakFast at lunch time. It's my "4 hour fast". ie Dinner around 8pm, next morning up and into work around 8am. So I feel I lay off food for just 4 hours giving a 16 hr fast till noon. Feels to me like every thing gets 'tuned up' in that 4 hour lay off! (If I'm not actually hungry at noon, I won't eat but just wait til I am hungry, usually around 3-4 pm)
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                              during the week I tend to just eat lunch around 12.30/1ish and dinner at around 9 but this can vary - sometimes I'll have breakfast and/or or skip a later meal if I'm not hungry. I tend to have family breakfast at the weekends - my 9 year old son has recently discovered the joy of cooking bacon and eggs so who am I to stop him? I do tend to eat 3 x a day at weekends, because of wanting to eat with the family, but if I'm not that hungry I won't eat very much.

                              I think for me the thing is that my body has learnt that I will feed it if it's hungry, but mealtimes are not a regular thing and my body doesn't get used to a set routine