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The single cavemans dinner

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  • The single cavemans dinner

    Tonight I was hungry and in no mood to wait so...

    7 slices of turkey lunch meat
    3 gherkins
    2 slices of raw cheese
    Brown spicy mustard

    I was tempted to eat it all over the sink just so I could say I ate over the sink.
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    HAHAHAHAHA if my dorm room had a sink I think now I would have to eat over it just because

    Also Huzzzah for single, these silly carb heavy ladies can't handle our cavemen selves anyway.
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      Man, that sounds good. I could really go for some pickles!

      Singlehood does have its perks... I like being able to devour an entire rotisserie chicken without using silverware. Nobody to care about how you look when you're eating- LOL

      Last night's dinner was an avocado and a chocolate bar.


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        Another vote for single living. I eat some of the strangest combinations of things. The other night I had some chili over sauerkraut. YUMMMM!!

        Tonight I'm having a bit of leftover Chinese chicken of some sort from lunch, after a longggggg day at work. Then maybe some cream and macadamia nuts.

        Not the sort of things you'd invite someone over to dinner for.

        What silly carb heavy ladies? haha


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          Yum! Eat it over the sink next time and then tell us...I hope you at least ate it with your fingers...


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            If my wife is away, I usually just go down to Whole Foods and get some prepared stuff. I never seem to want to cook when I'm alone.


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              What's a gherkin?


              • #8
                ^a small pickle, Grok

                most nights my plate is the cutting board and my knife is a butcher knife. I fully support your style of doing it quick and dirty!