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Halloween Candy: No harm in looking!

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  • Halloween Candy: No harm in looking!

    So today I'm at Michael's Crafts, and I saw the cutest little bundle of lollypops: a mummy head, a Frankenstein's monster head, a witch hat, and two anthropomorphized candy corns with little smiley faces, all tied up with a purple bow for a mere $1.49! And I bought them.

    Don't freak...I'm not planning to eat them; they probably taste like cardboard soaked in sugar. I've got a whole bunch of cool looking Halloween candy on my mantelpiece. I just like the way they look. And really, isn't that a large part of why people buy so much crap, because the packaging is so enticing? Why don't you give this a try...decorate with them, and see if it takes away your craving to eat them. Works for me.

    I haven't taken a photo of my new lollypops yet, but there are some pictures of my other candies (and other decorations) on my blog. Scroll to the entries on Oct. 6 and Sept 30:

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    Very cute decorations!

    I remember one of my friends had a pillar candle in a jar/vase surrounded by candy for Christmas. Hmm... I could just get a plain white candle and switch out the candies as the seasons change. Candy corn for Halloween, red and green starlight mints for Christmas, conversation hearts for Valentine's Day, jelly beans for Easter, etc...
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    I'm blogging again, at least a little bit.


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      Good idea. Why didn't I think of that?


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        Well, think of it this way... the ingredients in that candy... now that's scary!


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          For sure. You should have seen the non-nutritional labels. Definitely NOT real food! I'm kind of surprised that food like this makes people fat. Seems like the digestive tract should say "WTF is this sludge coming through?" and would just poop it out as quickly as possible!


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            A cute idea but I couldn't have them around, I would definitely eat them.