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Primal Fuel for Babies?

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  • Primal Fuel for Babies?

    I was talking to some people a while ago about how frustrating it is to look for healthy baby formulas. Given that there is a pretty strong consensus throughout the medical community about the benefits of breastfeeding, why can't the labs attempt to actually RECREATE it instead of adding so much artificial crap in them??? Why not just copy it!? It really bogs my mind...

    So far, I've yet to find any formula brand lacking at least one of the following: vegetable oils, soy, gluten, high fructose corn syrup, sugar.

    Since Paleo is going mainstream, and since there must be a market for human-milk-like formula amongst people pro-breastfeeding, there should be an interesting market niche to justify making it. I am sure there must be a ton variables to take into account, like regulatory issues, for example, but still, I think it would be an amazing product.

    I can picture it vividly in my mind:

    Primal baby fuel: with coconut fat, prebiotics, omega 3, and multivitamin suplements to ensure the best nutrition possible for your baby. Low in omega 6; free of HFCS, gluten, vegetable oils and soy
    What do you think Mark?
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