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Low energy, motivation and focus

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  • Low energy, motivation and focus

    Ive been eating primal/paleo for about 2 to 2 and 1/2 weeks now and for a while it was ok, but im just not sure that i have the energy and liveliness i should have. Im 19, exercise frequently and have cut out all grains and diary and processed sugars. I am in college, so the food i get isnt necessarily whole but i eat as primally as i can. lots of meat, veggies and fruit, with nuts and whey protein for snacks. Ive had a feeling of low energy, however sometimes my energy is great. Im really un-motivated to stuff and i have a hard time focusing on school work and studying.

    Is there something i should be doing to up my results?

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    It's just temporary as your body weans off sugar. Give it another 2-4 weeks and chances are you'll be through the transition and feeling better. In the meantime, make sure you're eating enough.

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      Are you taking Vitamin D3? It sure helps my household, especially with the weather change. Normally we would all be in an attitude/energy funk, and this year we are not
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        Do a nutrient check, make sure you're eating enough, sleeping enough, ect...
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          Some people find a B-complex vitamin helps a lot. Or you might not be getting enough potassium - have some avocados or tomatoes and see if that helps.

          Maybe keep a food log and see if you can correlate what you eat with how you feel. Keep in mind there can be some lag time.

          Good luck! I hope this helps.


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            I am right there with you about feeling crappy. I'm 2 1/2 weeks in and other than some red wine and chocolate, I've been grain and sugarless. I had a rough couple days the first week, but these last few days have been really bad energy and headache-wise. I am recovering from an eating disorder, and have made the commitment to following the PB lifestyle. What that means for me right now is that if I binge (which has been cut down drastically since starting!), it must be on PB foods. Today I was feeling so tired that I had to take a nap at 10:15am (currently a grad student/stay-home mom). I woke up and wound up eating way, way too much. This was after already having a ton for breakfast. Unfortunately I overdid it on almond butter and then went to dark chocolate. I'm wondering if today's binge, which ended up being about 250g of carbs total for the day (with no workout--which by the way is a huge success for me that I didn't cave and do cardio for 2 hours to "purge" the food), is now going to set this carb flu or whatever it is back a few days and just keep the fogginess going longer. Uugghhh.

            I've already gotten magnesium and D supplements and do think I need potassium as I've had a lot of leg cramps the past few days. The thing is that amidst all the tiredness and headaches, I've had periods of time where I feel so unbelievably healthy and alive. It's been so amazing to have those feelings. Like my body is rejoicing. That may sound corny, but I've been a cardio and carb fiend for YEARS. So, the glimpses that I've had and felt of what it must be like to be on the other side are miraculous in my opinion, and I am NOT going to give up on it. I will get there. Two steps forward, one back. Eventually it will happen.

            Good luck to you and thanks for letting me vent my frustrations and feelings from the day! It does help to know that others are going through the same things.