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  • Coffee Issues - Help Coffee Drinkers!

    Since going on the PB diet, I have noticed that coffee leaves a lump in the back of my throat when I drink it. I am a very regular coffee drinker, so this is particularly odd. Also of note, when I make coffee at home, I get a very slight lump (just to clarify, it's not a physical lump, but rather a sensation,) while when I drink it at work (Keurig coffee pods) the lump is very large.

    Has anybody else experienced this? What could be causing it? Now that I only drink coffee, tea and water, this is particularly important to me.

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    Originally posted by doghead
    If I were to take a very wild guess, I'd say you are having a reaction to either the coffee or something your are putting in your coffee.

    What is the difference between what you drink at home/at work?
    They are a bunch of factors that could be different. I have no idea what is in those coffee pods for starters. Plus, at home I use a french press and grind the beans myself. I think I have varying reactions depending on where I get the coffee (home v work v Starbucks v Caribou.)


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      That'd be the next step - switch out coffee, and start experimenting. Probably the cheaper the coffee, the more adverse a reaction.

      I have a similar reaction to cheap/processed chocolate. If I eat something like a Milky Way or Snickers, I would always get this itchiness in the back of my throat, would last for a few hours. When eating 70+% chocolate, there is not itchiness. Never noticed this until I went primal.
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        maybe my body was already so distressed that it had bigger things to worry about before? haha. i am very curious as to what it is in the coffee that is causing this reaction.


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          Maybe it's the acidity levels in different kinds of coffee. I really couldn't tell you, just spit-balling ideas. What are you putting in your coffee? Could that be making a difference?
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            Originally posted by skink531 View Post
            Maybe it's the acidity levels in different kinds of coffee. I really couldn't tell you, just spit-balling ideas. What are you putting in your coffee? Could that be making a difference?
            i just drink it black, so that can be ruled out.


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              I had to switch brands after i went primal, pre-primal i had cut out cream and sweetners to try and cut calories so i had already adapted to drinking it black but i was drinking a cheap brand and for some reason it just grossed me out i think my tastes just changed so i had to switch to a more expensive brand after being primal for awhile, it was weird i got up one day to have a cup and thought this is gross i can't drink this crap anymore. so i had to shop around but after a couple tries of other brands i found two i like.


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                As you remove other body-shocking sources from your diet like sugar and carbs, you could be becoming more sensitive to caffeine. Not sure how to test for that though...just a wild thought.
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                  I drink iced coffees (with an espresso shot added) from Starbucks with heavy cream. Never once had a lump in my throat sensation.


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                    I feel like we really have not gotten to the bottom of this. Does anybody know of any irritants in coffee that may cause a lump in the throat?


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                      Have you tried decaf?
                      I see you get a larger reaction at work...
                      How different is the water? (do you filter at home, for instance). I am familiar with these pods, so maybe there is an additional ingredient in them. Also, aren't these the ones that are in the little plastic pods? maybe some of the pod is leeching into the brew?

                      Try bringing a melita-type cone & filters to work. That way you can bring your own brand of coffee & all you need is hot water.
                      Try decaf, and maybe switch brands?
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                        Originally posted by skink531 View Post
                        Maybe it's the acidity levels in different kinds of coffee.
                        Have you tried cold-brewing your coffee? I can't drink any coffee I haven't made myself at home -- I get my coffee before I leave the house or I skip the stuff. It's cut way down on some of the reactions I've had with coffee. It doesn't change the caffein content, though.

                        Put a cup of finely ground coffee (I use the "Turkish Grind" or the finest one available on the in-store grinders) in a large (1-qt.) jar. Add 3 cups of cold water. Give it a good shake, and come back and shake it again every once in a while. Let it sit for at least 4 hours, but overnight is good too. Pour the coffee through a coffee filter (I put it in the basket of a coffee maker to hold the filter in place) into a clean jar. Refrigerate this.

                        THIS IS COFFEE CONCENTRATE. When I want a cup, I use about 1 part coffee concentrate to 4-5 parts water, and nuke it til hot. Use hot water if you're not into micros. Adjust concentration to your strength preference.

                        I get the Starbucks House Blend from Costco (so sue me) for $10 for 2 pounds and I store the ground coffee in the freezer. I've tried other types of coffee and this is my favorite brewed this way. I do NOT like this coffee brewed the regular way.

                        This is wonderful, mellow coffee without the acid kickback that I usually get from coffee. I've kept the concentrate for up to a week in the fridge without sacrificing flavor.

                        See if that makes a difference for your throat lump. If nothing else, it will taste delicious.
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                          wow...thanks so much for the advice, patty. i am definitely going to give this a shot. i didn't know that cold brewing it would cut the acidity. very cool.