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  • How to gain weight?

    My mother is 62, pretty much grain free, about 5' 4" and right at 100#. She's doing a fitness program thru our local college where she works with a student trainer all semester and is lifting to try to gain muscle and strength. She asked me to try and get some more information about how to eat this way and gain weight. Most everything on this site is geared towards loosing weight, the few articles I've found on gaining seems more towards the hard core lifters. I need some idea's for her on how to eat to gain muscle. She's not real big on meat, eats chicken and fish, beef rarely, mainly eats beans and lentils for protein, basically no dairy, plenty of eggs. She has alot of food allergies with grains which makes Primal perfect Any ideas from you Primal geniuses?

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    Tell your mom to eat more, if she's used to four eggs, tell her to eat 6, an extra helping of this, and extra helping of that... mo' butter too, mo' butter.

    Basically, gaining weight is about eating more, creating a calorie surplus, not sure how hard her training is, but she needs to not only make up for those calories lost during training, but eat slightly above what she may have lost. If she's eating primal she should put on some weight without packing on too much body fat. Is she low-carbing? I wouldn't have her worry about that, as it can get in the way for gaining weight.

    I wouldn't advice eating too many beans and lentils, but there's worst out there.

    I forgot to mention, give her a hug for me and tell her it's downright fucking awesome that she's doing this at her age.
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      Thanks She's low carbing in the way of eating healthy, she's eaten healthy about all her life though, lots of veggies, basically no refined foods. She does tons of juicing veggies and lettuce as she has some muscle problem where her jaws can't chew lots of chewy stuff, I'm not sure the carb content of veg juice. The training's not too intense of course, one hour three days a week, not sure how much she's burning doing it. What's a good range of carbs to have for this stage, 100-150 or more?


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        rich bone broths and bone marrow!!
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          I managed to gain a stone in 3 months eating Primal (which in retrospect was too fast), but I had to ramp up the carbs to get the calories in. I would say that she should be aiming for a minimum of 150g of carbs per day (I was eating around 300 a day, all from primal-friendly sources like yam, cassava and sweet potato).
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