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  • Maple Syrup?!

    Decided to try a little Grade B 100% organic maple syrup on my coconut pancakes (which I've had before) Sun. and felt very nauseous and dizzy shortly afterwards. Wondered if this has happened to anyone else? I'm just assuming it was a lot of sugar and my body is not use to the sugar anymore. But I also know that Mark uses maple syrup in some of his recipes in his cookbook and I assumed it to be safe.

    Anyone know of a good maple syrup substitute?


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    I sometimes use organic maple extract (instead of vanilla) in my pancakes and then just butter & eat them. Mr. Ski like things sweeter so I make up a maple butter with softened Kerrygold unsalted butter, organic maple extract and a little xylitol or Truvia and he spreads that on the pancakes.

    I can't tolerate the direct sugar hit from straight maple syrup or honey either anymore and just use it occasionally as a sweetener in recipes.


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      Yeah--I'm sure it was probably the straight shot of sugar eating it as a topping that caused you to feel so bad.

      You can top your pancakes w/ berries--I will sometimes cook frozen berries and mash them a bit until softened and toss them on top, or add some whipped coconut cream (you could whip heavy cream if you do dairy). I've not personally found a maple syrup sub, but that maple butter idea is cool. I might try using stevia w/ maple extract too for a topping. (I need to see what's in maple extract though--so many extracts contain some really nasty ingredients...)
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        I like to warm and mix almond butter, butter and dark chocolate and spread that on pancakes. With some heavy cream if I feel like dairy


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          Of course a thing to remember with maple syrup is that if you continue boiling that down even further it becomes maple sugar...all those fun little candies that are one sale right now. You could really just try thinning out your syrup with some hot water and/or heavy cream...maple milk? You'll still get the great aromatic maple goodness but cut the impact the sugar has on your body. Years ago my father tried tapping our trees and boiling down a few dozen gallons of sap. It took him ages and the result was still thin and nearly clear - but the flavor and aroma were outstanding. SO fresh, like a cross between maple syrup and birch beer.
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            Thank you, Thank you, ALL!! I can't wait to try all these great ideas! I warmed up some frozen berries the other day and got a nice warm syrup from the fruit itself, then added just a little stevia. It was great! I love everyone's ideas and it's so nice to know I have options. Thank you.


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              I put some in the coconut ice cream from the Primal Blueprint cookbook, but the amount I put in a 1.5 quart batch of ice cream wasn't enough to have a negative impact. Maybe the amounts you actually consume in the recipes are less than when it's put directly over the pancakes.