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Primal Fuel...$99 for a 2.84 pound I reading that correctly?

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  • Primal Fuel...$99 for a 2.84 pound I reading that correctly?

    Is that a misprint?

    I understand it's 30 servings, and that it's very high quality, but that's far and away the most expensive powdered protein product on the market.

    I would never consider spending that much money on a supplement. Kudos to those of you who can though. I hope to be in your shoes one day.
    I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.

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    I about fell off my chair...probably twice what I was expecting it to cost

    Though I might not have bought it anyway--I've been weaning myself off protein drinks and sticking more with real food.

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
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      I was a little curious about this myself. That's quite a bit for protein powder it seems. No offense to Mark but it even seems to go against what the MDA site is about a little bit. He said himself in a previous post about protein powder:

      Bodybuilders are drawn to the “purity” of whey isolate, lured by the moderately higher protein counts. Isolate is also considerably more expensive than concentrate, and the purported boost in beneficial effects on protein synthesis are overstated; drinking any kind of whey protein shake will have a beneficial effect on your muscle recovery and protein synthesis. Whey protein is whey protein, and concentrate allows you to get more for your money. Go with concentrate unless you’re terribly sensitive to dairy (in which case it might be a better idea to just eat a steak instead).

      Plus it seems to have quite a few ingredients with sucrose being one of them. It just made me a little curious because we've gotten Jarrow unflavored protein powder before with only Whey Protein and soy lecithin in it before. According to his previous post I'm not sure why that wouldn't be better unless you're sensitive to dairy. I guess it seems to be marketed as more of a meal replacement than protein powder only at second glance.


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        I too was surprised at the price. But I also had questions on the ingredients: maltodextrin and sodium caseinate. I'm not a nutritionist or biologist, but isn't one of those a sugar made from corn, and the other a casein? It seems like nether of these items is truly primal, but I can understand some sacrifices as a trade off for convenience. Not really as big a deal-breaker for me as the price, but I am curious.


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          Yeah, me too. I was wondering if anyone was going to comment. I didn't want to be the first. If PB truly developed this, and went through the entire process of finding ingredients and research and development, then I might understand a little higher than normal price. However, $99.00 is pretty steep.


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            *testing for deletion*
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            I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.


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              Pricey. That'll buy a lot of wild caught salmon from my local grocery...


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                i have no idea why anyone would buy that stuff. REAL FOOD!!!!! all i gotta say sorry mark
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                  AHHH But Don't forget FREE GIFTS are included!

                  Hmm, $99 still seems VERY expensive even with free gifts. I have raw 3 lbs of Raw Eggs for HALF that price! (LOTS of protein)

                  This one is $15 at WalMart

                  Could it be a Typo? Maybe he meant $9.99 ?
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                    I suppose it is supply and demand. Maybe they are thinking.. if you are going to do the whey thing, might as well get the best. Still $99 is way high. I have to remind myself this is a company too, and they are in the hottest market out there. Though if you go looking online for Protein powders, it's exhausting. Real food for me. Everytime i drink Protein powder drinks, or smoothies, even home made, there is always indigestion, and the chocolate or sweetness of it just makes me want more. The whole idea is to get off sugar cravings.


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                      mark has never hid the fact that most of his income comes from selling supplements... to date Mark has made no money off me but I SHOULD absolutely buy the PB book and cookbook... can't believe I haven't yet.
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                        Eat REAL Food, Not too much..... Mostly FAT.

                        Sorry Mark, but..... Dude. For reals?


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                          Seems kinda funny how he spent "spent 2 years creating it" imo :P I don't understand why you are all suprised though, Mark has been selling supplements all along. You might say its not "primal" or not necessary, but none of his other supplements aren't either. You don't need fish oil if you eat pastured animals and fish frequently, you don't need probiotics if you eat cultured foods, you don't need vitamin D if you live near the equator and go out in the sun. Some people can't or won't do these things though, and this is not any different from someone not wanting to cook a meal, but rather having a replacement once in a while. I don't need this product, but I believe that certain persons will benefit from it.


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                            I helped taste test it. It's worth every penny. I've seen similar sized tubs of less quality go for $60+, so it's not that unreasonable. Don't forget, Mark is in the supplement business.
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                              Also of note ... for $99 one would expect that the whey was sourced from 100% grass fed cows. From discussions I've heard about whey, if you want to be super ultra picky about it you'd want only grass fed. And again, for $99 I'd say you'd be in the "yes I'm being super ultra picky" category. Typically grass fed whey goes for about $39. Mix it with some coconut milk and you'd have arguably a better drink for way less.

                              I'd also say that 11g of carbs per serving is kinda high, at least in comparison to other whey protein I've seen. The stuff I'd been using had 2g of carbs per serving. If you are trying to stick to not over 50, that's a lot.

                              I'm personally trying to ween out protein shakes in favor of "real" (i.e. solid) food. It's been suggested (yes and debated) that liquid foods will give you an insulin spike, but I know from experience that it simply doesn't fill you up as well as solid food.
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