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Wow, I can't believe the effect sugar has had on me!

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  • Wow, I can't believe the effect sugar has had on me!

    I've been largely sugar-free this past year but I'm no paleo purist, I do imbibe in artificial sweeteners pretty regularly. Well, there was a sale on Pepsi products this week and I picked up what I thought was a case of diet Sierra Mist. I had 10-12 cans before realizing that it was Sierra Mist 'Naturals' which isn't diet at all, they just use real sugar vs. artificial sweeteners.

    They used a white can too, it's almost like the bastards did this on purpose to confuse people!

    Well, before coming to this realization, I noticed that I've had a very stiff back this week, and that some of my joints have been a bit sore too. It may be a stretch, but is this a reasonable connection to make...sugar consumption and my body stiffness?

    Any info. regarding the connection between sugar consumption and joint pain is appreciated.
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    I don't have a scientific answer for you; this is pure anecdotal. I have severe osteoarthritis, and I've been keeping myself relatively pain free for several years by following an anti-inflammatory diet--no meds at all.

    Although I have eleminated several foods, the ONE thing that is guaranteed to cause me severe joint pain if I indulge is SUGAR. The few times I've had a slight 'indulgence,' I've experienced severe joint pain the next day. And I know it's the sugar because when this has happened, that's the only item I've added to my diet. And it doesn't take much--one slice of birthday cake, for example, will do it.

    The good thing is that the pain will depart once the sugar leaves my system--usually 24 hours for the worst of the pain, and within 48 hrs I'm back to normal.


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      This is very interesting to me. My joint pain was gone for awhile (a week? two?) but started creeping back yesterday, in my hips. I attributed it to the measley 2.25 miles I did at the track (it would have been 3 but my wussy knee started whining).

      Today, I woke up with it all in my spine, from the cervical down the thoracic regions (lumbar and sacral are fine), my left shoulder blade, and my hips. My knees, ankles and feet ... shoulders, elbows and hands are all fine.

      I was thinking that it was a lack of vegetables yesterday. I did have blueberries with half 'n' half ... hmmm ... but that was the closest thing to sugar.

      I live in the northeast US. It's getting chilly and damp, so maybe it's that.

      Any other ideas?


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        sugar will give me pain in my bad knee
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          I have had chronic muscle pain in my shoulders and back for over 15 years. Sugar in any form for me makes it flare.....too much fruit, alcohol, grains of any kind, straight sugar....any of that makes it hurt again. Its not necessarily overnight for me, usually takes a few days of eating too many carbs and then I start noticing the tension creeping back up. Took me awhile to accept, but I am guessing it is an inflammation thing as well.
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            I woke up this morning with an achy back and noticed a sharp pain in my knee when walking - I haven't had these symptoms for almost 2 months.

            I spent most of the weekend eating way to many high-carb foods.

            Coincidence? I think not.
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              Okay, this may not be the sugar but rather the withdrawals from the artificial sweetener. When I went off my joints hurt, Back ache, fuzzy vision and head aches for three weeks. Now, If I get a treat I'd rather use natural sugar that a sweetener. Those three weeks, I was really sick.


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                Quotidian... I had the same thing. Went off of diet soda and felt awful for 4 or 5 days. low-grade headache, nausea at various times, achey like the flu. Finally passed, thankfully, but it was so wierd!
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                  Nowadays, sugar makes me feel drunk - as soon as I ingest it, I get hot flushes and a tingly feeling all over my body all the way to my finger tips. And the next day it feels like a hangover! Totally happy to avoid that nasty stuff nowadays. Things don't tempt me anymore


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                    I just discovered after a full year of painful symptoms: extremely itchy skin, lower back pain, headaches & migraines, dizziness, heels tendons pain. joints pain etc etc that sugar is the cause of it all!! Indeed I completely stopped it for 3 days but realised that I still needed a bit of sugar as nausea and dizziness kicked in. I now have a fresh vegetables & fruits diets (the kind of candida diet) and I feel absolutely great!! Most symptoms are gone or almost gone. I am a happy woman now :-)


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                      As far as the OP, sugar can change a lot of things, so it's likely the answer is yes to the joint pain. It could be for many reasons.

                      Before I understood low carb, an athlete sponsored by Red Bull gave me a couple of cases. I didn't read the label. I was drinking them, thinking "hey, small cans, not a big deal," and after a few days started feeling bloated and light-headed. I got suspicious and read the label and went "oh crap! No wonder!" Tons of sugar in those things.