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  • No deoderant needed anymore...

    I can't believe this. For the last few days I wanted to experiment to see how "funky" primal eating made me So, I went three days with no deoderant and I have found that... I DONT NEED ANY! I even got dh to do a sniff test after sweating to make sure nothing was wrong with my nose and he couldn't believe it either! NO SMELL AT ALL!!! When I was a raw foodist they would tell us that eating meat made you funky, but now I know this not to be true!

    Horay!!! No more deoderant for me!!!!!

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    Yep! You don't need soap, either.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      The "no shampoo" experiment is going so well for me, maybe I'll give no deodorant a try too!

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        I dunno about giving up soap Grumpy... I make my own so I know what's in it! I make my own toothsoap as well.


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          What I'm saying is that water is abrasive enough to remove any gunk your skin might accumulate in a day. Soap is unnecessary. Might still want to use soap on your hands after wiping your butt, though.
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            I find I still need deodorant. Not as much as I used to -- maybe after a few more months I won't need it any more either.

            But I don't need soap. Or shampoo.
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              +1, no soap, deoderant or shampoo. occasional toothpaste.

              I feel cleanest after a really cold shower. A hot shower leaves me feeling oily.


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                I still have to use deoderant. I have tried the salt stick and I still smelled funky.
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                  10 months of Primal and...

                  Stinky pits, no change from before.
                  I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.


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                    Two months of going primal,

                    1) Foul Balls still require soap. Balls were designed to hang in the breezes, not to be cooped up in pants
                    2) Stinkin Armpits still require deodorant.

                    Maybe next year things might improve.

                    Best to all,


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                      Yep, deodorant needed here, too.

                      Edit: and apparently a dictionary, too. edited for spelling.
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                        I just use water. No smell problems, and Wifey Fist has a mega-sensitive nose.
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                          about 8 months...I still need/use deodorant. Soap too (dr. bronners). If I don't wear deodorant, things are definitely not as funky as before...but funky enough that I still use it. May not need the soap, but I like it. I'm still "no 'poo" though.
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                            I like to smell stinky from time to time so if I'm not spending the night with the girlfriend I don't wear deodorant that night, the morning after I do a nice workout and deeply sniff my pits after every set.

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                              I use low soap (as natural as I can buy), no deodorant going on about 4 months, and my no poo experiment of 5 months has taken a slight step back in that I am washing it with shampoo about once a week now (maybe its my hard water, maybe a combination of other factors, but I still have not found the right no poo combo yet to obtain truly clean feeling hair).

                              Deodorant wise, this one has been my most successful. I used Burts Bees Deodorant spray for about a month, then transitioned to just a sprinkle of baking soda, and now nothing. Is there odor? Ever so slightly after I workout but usually it fades quickly. I do find that heavy lifting (like climbing or a high weight workout in crossfit) produces a different sometimes stronger smell. But hiking, running, and general working out produces almost nothing. Oh, and if I wear a shirt with a more unnatural material like polyester, it produces a stronger smell as well.

                              Is it 100%, BUT, neither was any deodorant I used before. My husband has no complaints, I check in with him often since he is always skeptical about my 'natural' experiments.
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