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Chips (french fries)

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  • Chips (french fries)

    Last night for evening meal myself and missus shark had Moroccan style lamb tajine,a bona fide primal meal.

    Instead of the usual cauliflower rice we had English chips,that is,french fried white potatoes thick sliced and deep fat fried in lard.

    My question is :- How frowned upon should i consider chips?I know spuds are not exactly recommended but they are not grains,they are not that bad.Are they?

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    I eat a lot of potatoes, as they are ridiculously cheap and filled with calories, and make a great boat for butter and cheese. But then, I'm young and very active. If you need to lose weight, or are worried about your cholesterol, I'd stay away from them. But they're great for athletes who need to get some extra carbs! But in general they're pretty frowned upon as they are very high on the GI. A potato is pretty much pure fast releasing carbs. So unless you're trying to build muscle or something, I wouldn't eat them.
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