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    What is your strategy for eating while on business trips?

    For me, breakfast is usually not a problem, though I remain concerned about what type of lubricant the bacon and eggs are cooked in. I don't get weird looks when I substitute tomatos or fruit for potatos and toast.

    Lunch is often a working lunch and I usually am able to eat a big salad and a sandwich (discard the bread; endure a few odd looks). I tend to be fine about ignoring all of the mid morning bagels and muffins that are served at meetings and conferences as well as the sugar (cookies, etc) served mid afternoon.

    Dinners can usually get a big salad with a piece of fish or meat.

    So overall, OK, except I wish I knew more about what was in the dish of salad dressing at lunch, and the ancillary stuff that too often goes into food at dinner (sauces, salad dressing, etc.)

    I have started to plan my airline trips as intermittent fasting opportunities.

    those are my strategies. How do you cope?

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    I went away for a week and found myself completely unprepared. Next time, I'm going to make sure that I have plenty of primal snacks on hand- beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, etc. If you stay at a nice hotel, they will accommodate dietary requirements.
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      I always pack snacks to take with me on the plane, usually consisting of beef jerky, nuts, cheese and maybe some fruit. If I am spending the whole trip traveling around, I'll stay at hotels that have mini fridges and microwaves, and instead of going out for meals, I'll head to the grocery store and get cooked chicken, hit the salad bar, and stock up on the primal goods.


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        I also always pack primal snacks when I'm traveling (nuts or Ostrim sticks), and I stay away from 'mystery' salad dressings, mainly because I dont trust their oils, and I have a sensitivity to MSG. I've found that I can eat salad without dressing if there're enough veggies and good stuff (olives, radishes) to add--or just vinegar if it's available.

        Most of the time, if the hotel has a coffee maker, I'll have some of my snacks for breakfast in the room.

        Using the plane trip for some IF is always a great idea, especially since hydration is so important when flying. I just drink as much water as possible on flights.


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          A business trip or official trip is a travel/journey caused by business necessities. The place of employment is left temporarily, e.g.

          * to visit customers, suppliers or a trade fair
          * to participate in congresses or seminars
          * for further education
          * for excursions for research, scientific campaigns
          * for teachers to participate in study trips, school or exploratory trips
          * for work in civil engineering, construction, geology, etc.


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            Business trips are tough. I do like you and see the actual travel part on the plane as an opporunity to IF. I also take some primal snacks. Meals for me are not too bad as I can usually have a fairly primal breakfast, lunch and dinner.

            The most difficult part is the stress and lack of sleep since it seems like I never have a relaxing trip. By the time I get back to my hotel room late at night, I'm way too tired to exercise. It seems like each time I go away for 3 days I'm set back a few weeks in my fitness gains.


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              Try to eat in airport bars most of the time, you've got wireless + tvs which make for distraction (unless tvs make you want to eat), plus I've noticed a lot of airport bars tend to have healthy/primal foods.
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