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Does insurance pay for Vap cholesterol test?

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  • Does insurance pay for Vap cholesterol test?

    Does insurance pay for Vap test or should I just pay the hundred bucks it cost? My doc said that I can go to my local lab and he wrote it on an order for them to do it. But, when I looked online there is only one lab that does it in my city and that lab doesn't take insurance. You order it online, go to the lab to get the blood drawn then they email you the test results.

    Has anyone had their insurance pay for it?

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    I have Medicare plus a supplement (that covers all costs if Medicare covers the procedure). I had a VAP test, and it was covered. I paid nothing. However, my endo ordered it, and it may be that they physician has to provide a reason or some special code in order to get it covered. I don't know.