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Trouble with Greens?

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  • Trouble with Greens?

    Does anyone have trouble digesting greens? I know this is a tad unpleasant but I have some real problems when I eat kale, collards, chard, etc. Any suggestions for this problem?

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    Hey AT

    Are you talking about cooked greens or raw greens? I believe the general consensus is that cooked greens are easier to digest then raw. I recently had a stint with my digestion where even the cooked greens were giving me trouble and needed to back off on them temporarily and take HCL to get my gastric juices flowing. I thought "what kind of hell is this that I can't eat broccoli? Nnnnooooo!". I stuck with the easiest to digest veggies (summer squashes, sweet potatoes, beet greens, carrots, radish, zucchini, etc.) for a couple weeks and slowly added the greens back in. I still am not eating, say, raw kale avocado salad, but kale chips and boiled greens are all good now. HTH.


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      We need to know the problem - guessing doesn't do it!!!


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        If I eat too many of those types of greens I do have digestive issues. These are Cruciferous vegetables and should be cooked, not eaten raw. Some folks have an easier time eating these than others and eating them raw sometimes is no problem...I have to watch it though.
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