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  • do you wok?

    So I have been thinking that a solution to my "I don't have enough time to cook vegetables" is to get a wok. From what I understand a lot of nutrition is retained through using a wok because you don't expose the vegetables to a long duration of heat. And you can throw some small cut up meat and have a meal. So does anyone else wok a lot? Any wok recommendations? Any help...

    Wok On!
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    Do I wok? No, I'm retired.

    Sorry, couldn't resist...

    I don't wok, I do crockpot cooking, though, on especially busy days. I do stir-fries, but in a regular, large skillet.



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      Have a large wok here at my dorm and I use it once in a while, pretty nifty when you want to combine the browning of a pan with the volume of a pot! This is the case when including brocolli and cauliflower etc.


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        Like PWG, I do stir-fries in a big skillet -- mostly because I don't need another, large item to store in my kitchen!
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          Yes! I <3 my wok! And I got it for exactly the same reasons you are considering, and it has indeed had the desired effect. Nothing is simpler. Most of my recipes take 15-20 minutes from raw ingredients to finished, savory meal.

          However it's not just for stir frying that's for sure (although nothing beats it). It's the best of all worlds - steaming, sautee'ing, simmering, reducing, etc. I make lots of one-dish meals in my wok as well as soups and sauces. I use it 2-3x a week. Get something that has terrific heat distribution like carbon steel or anodized aluminum. With the high heat used for many wok recipes, non-stick would worry me - plus its heat distribution is not as good nor is it even.

          Also - if you get a wok, make sure you get a good sharp, balanced chef's knife if you don't have one. A good knife is as important as a good wok because it makes chopping a mound of veggies fun instead of an ordeal.



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            what kitana said ... but also get a bamboo steamer - then u can steam yr veges in the wok .. flavours are gorgeous ...


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              I would love a wok - but my cooker (stove?) is electric and really, it needs to be the hot, HOT heat of a big gas ring to make a wok work (sorry - that sounds too bad!) properly - according to a Chinese chef I know. So I just use a frying pan, a slow cooker or an oven. Depending on what I cook....


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                I love my wok, and bamboo steamer.
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                  I too love my wok and am always making my cauliflower fried rice in it...


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                    I wish I had a wok. I have an awesome recipe for cooking pork belly in a wok. Basically the meat ends up deep frying in its own fat.

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                      I use woks. I have two mid sized and one large, all with bamboo steamers. Also a few paella pans (Spanish wok?) of assorted sizes. Don't use any of them as much as before because I am not eating rice, but they work with 'good' food too.

                      A pressure cooker is also a fine asset.

                      I remember a simple joke from long ago. One man to another,"Ever made a meal on a wok?" Answer was, "No, but once I had a sandwich on hike."

                      Told you it was simple.
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