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  • A few questions

    I know this has been covered in other threads, but I have a few questions that I wasn't really to sure about. I am doing really great eating primal and am not in any way going back to grains and other things. Only thing is that I am not really losing the weight that I would like to. I'm about 143 pounds, 170cm (5'6'' I think). I have been monitoring my intake for a while and it's about 1200-1500cal/day, with between 50-75g carbs a day. I eat when I'm hungry so I don't feel like I'm eating too much. I normally eat something like 50% fat in a day. I might do IF 1-2 times a week if I have no workouts planned.

    Q1: At the moment I run 3 times a week and crossfit 2-3 times a week. Since I need to
    build my base for the triathlon season I will probably include biking and swimming as well. Should I cut out the running for a week or so? Maybe swim instead?

    Q2: Am I eating too little? Should I increase my intake of fats by fx eating a few more nuts?

    Q3: At my height and weight the stats say that app 1500 calories is what I should be getting to loose weight, but is this as simple as that if I'm fx increasing my fat intake?

    I really hope you all have some great inputs to help me get to where I would like to be.


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    yep - covered many times
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      regarding your first depends on what size tri you are doing. if you're competing in a sprint, you can really scale back on the cardio...but adding some swimming would definitely be a good idea. if it's an olympic your trying for, keep doing what you're doing, but switch out some running for biking and swimming (spend the most time on your weakest sport--it will probably become your new favorite). if it's a HIM or IM, you're probably going to want to put together a pretty firm training plan, but one that works with the PB.


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        The plan is to do a HIM but that is not until the summer, so right now I could take a small break from the cardio to get more lean which again will benefit y sport in the long run. I will follow a detailed program from January, so until then its mostly just maintaining my base.


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          Hi Lonnie,

          I can't offer much advice on training for triathlons (I haven't been on a bike or in a pool in ages) but will be happy to take a stab at the other questions.

          At 5'7" and 143 lbs you probably don't have massive amounts of body fat to lose. I'm assuming you're female as well, and women's bodies have a tendency to cling to those last few pounds. In you would likely benefit from a more gradual approach. So, you may consider upping your calories to closer to the 1500-1800 range (or even higher), especially if you do any activities outside of running and crossfit. Personally, I've also noticed that my athletic performance suffers if I cut too drastically. Eating when you're hungry is generally a good idea, but if you've been eating a reduced-calorie diet for a while, your hunger signals can become depressed, and not accurately represent your body's actual energy needs.

          You can definitely add the extra calories as fat, but you also can experiment with adding in a couple more carbs (particularly after workouts) if you're doing serious endurance training. The PB generally assumes that you are moving slowly every day, lifting heavy things a couple times per week, and sprinting once in a while. If you have more specific fitness goals, you may need to tweak it for your own needs. The Primal Blueprint for Athletes section of the forum has a lot of interesting info on how people have adapted PB to support a heavier training load.
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