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How fast are you losing weight?

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  • How fast are you losing weight?

    I started PB almost 3 months ago.... I've lost 23 lbs, but still have a long way to go. It seems like my weight loss is slowing down though... but I'm not cheating! From lurking in the forums I know that many of you have lost a lot of weight... but how quickly were you able to do it? I don't want a quick fix, but I really enjoyed the 3 lb loss/week a lot more than the current .5-1 lb loss I'm experiencing now.

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    .5-2 Lbs per week is generally what's considered sustainable weight loss. if you lose faster than that it's likely that you're looking at water loss and/or muscle loss.

    (but I should admit that I have not been able to lose weight since my first 3 pounds, but mostly because I eat out too much so my 20% is more like 40%)


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      Weight loss does slow down after the first month or two. In my experience, I was losing a pound per day the first month, half a pound per day in the second month, and then about a pound to a pound and a half a week after that (which has slowed down even more, just lately). And I started at just short of 400 pounds. The smaller you are when you start, the slower your weight loss will be after the first initial burst.

      What you're experiencing now is normal. Slow is better. This isn't a race - this is your life.
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        You lose a lot right away because of water weight.


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          Bear in mind that as you lose fat your metabolism slows by virtue of the fact that there is less of you to fuel. So, the same intake level and macros that initially caused the pounds to fall off will eventually lead to a plateau. Finding tweaks and ways to reduce your overall intake are needed if you want to sustain your weight loss rate.


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            They say the safest weight loss is about 1% a week. In the beginning, you may go higher due to water weight. Then you have to take into account what you weigh. 1% of 200 pounds is going to be more than 1% of 150 which is more than 1% of 130, etc. Then of course, your body adapts and metabolism slows. Also, as you progress (especially if you exercise), your body may be putting on muscle weight faster than it is losing fat weight.
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              Several pounds a week. Oddly enough, I also consume a somewhat large amount of carbs, from milk and rice, I'm guessing around 100.
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                I started on August 9th at 280lbs. This morning I was 247! I lost a lot of weight the first couple to three weeks and now it is only a couple pounds per week or so. I am actually worried it will slow to nothing, but that keeps me staying within my 20/80. I've cheated a couple times but not much at all. I'm sticking pretty close to the NO Sugar, no bread, wheat, rice, pasta carbs thing and eating more protein and vegetables. I have eliminted soft drinks entirely 100% and drink only water or tea. My vice however, is sugar free Trident gum which I know I need to dispense with, but it my only junk food at the moment.


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                  depends on how many beers i have on teh weekend /cry

                  i can go from 1lbs a week to 7lbs in a week
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                    Don't fret about weight loss slow down. It's typical. (Griff should change his signature to +1.)

                    I check my weight daily, record it, and graph it with a spreadsheet. It can be really discouraging to watch your daily weight seem to plateau. But in another graph, I just look at weekly data. It shows a definite downward trend aimed right at my goal weight. FYI: Month 1 - 13lbs, Month 2 - 10lbs, Month 3 - 4lbs, Month 4 - 7lbs, Month 5 - 1lb so far. Total 35lbs in 4 1/2 months. (From extremely tight size 36 jeans to quite loose size 32 - nine inch loss around the waist by tape measure!

                    All things said and done, though, my goal is not weight loss. It is diabetes/BG control. Weight loss is a bonus. The only thing I count is carbs, since for me, I keep them at less than 30 gm and much less when I can.


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                      My weight loss is also affected by the number of adult bevearages I drink on the weekend. I was averaging about 1-2 pounds a week, but now i am playing catch-up from teh weekends most weeks. LIke this weekend i went back up over 161, and today am done to 159.4. But, had I not had a few shots of rum on Saturday it would havebeen better.

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                        I'm averaging maybe .5 a week, but I don't do much exercise other than fixing up a real old house (removing old iron radiators counts as lift heavy things right???) and walking about a mile to a mile and a half at work everyday.
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                          I am 5'2" and started at 133. I have been losing .5 a week for the last 6 weeks. Not that impressive, but I have been amazed at how consistent the losses have been - I used to struggle for weeks/months to let go of 1 pound! I have been very strict about eliminating grains, but I do indulge in adult beverages, dark chocolate, yogurt and fruit.

                          Also consider where your weight might be now had you not started PB. It might be the same, but it also might be more. Might shed some new light on plateaus. I am expecting one any day now, but I am trying to think positively!


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                            I dropped 7 lbs in the first week and since then 1 lb./week if I don't drink too much wine and .5 lbs/week if I do. It's amazing how consistent that has been. I started at 151


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                              Originally posted by codeguy
                              For example, jogging 2 miles carrying a body weight of 300 lbs. requires less energy than jogging 2 miles at 250 lbs.
                              What??? It took a lot more energy for me to move at 300#s than it did at 250#s and now at 196#s.