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Nuts and stomach ache

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  • Nuts and stomach ache


    Just wondering if anyone had experienced stomach ache from Nuts since eating Paleo/Primal. I have been eating well for around 3 months now, before I could have easily eaten .5-1lb of almonds or other nuts in one sitting and felt nothing. Since cleaning things up and hopefully correcting my n-6 n-3 balance I now get a stomach ache after eating most nuts, even say 20-30 nuts, feeling really full and bloated. Kind of weird saying I used to tolerate so many. Not a big problem as I am happy to keep them out of my diet or atleast eaten rarely.

    Just wondering if anyone had any input or ideas as to why, my thoughts possibly high n-6/inflammation response from them.

    Regards, Alix

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    Here ya go:

    Unlike grains, nuts contain smaller amounts of phytic acid. Their real issue for us is having high amounts of enzyme inhibitors. These enzymes are useful to seeds and nuts because it prevents them from sprouting prematurely. But they can really strain your digestive system (which is probably why my body was reacting to them raw).

    Soaking your nuts in warm water will neutralize these enzyme inhibitors, and also help encourage the production of beneficial enzymes. These enzymes, in turn, increase many vitamins, especially B vitamins. It also makes these nuts much easier to digest and the nutrients more easily absorbed. And, yes, this is a traditional method of preparation. For example the Aztecs would soak pumpkin or squash seeds in salty water and then, sun dry them.


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      So soaking my nuts in warm water is the answer ...awesome I shall try it


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        I also read recently that dry-roasted nuts are sometimes coated in wheat flour... if you're very sensitive to grains/gluten that could be the reason.