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The newbies difficulty with Fat-Protein levels

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  • The newbies difficulty with Fat-Protein levels

    This is my first week and I seem to have my protein and fat levels in reverse of my desired goal. I am using fitday, but guessing on the measurements - especially for butter used in cooking and whatnot. How long did it take you to get to a point where you didn't have to tweak anymore.

    I would so love a meal plan for the first two weeks - just to get an idea and base for tackling on my own. Fat seems more difficult to get up there (sound crazy with this eating).

    and what are some alternative to coconut milk or oil. Can't stand coconut.


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    Eat more red meat, good fat and protein all around. Cook with good oils/fats and add some EVOO to your salads.


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      Refined coconut oil doesn't taste like coconut at all. Buy that instead of the virgin.

      And if you want to track on fitday, you might want to measure / weigh for a day or two until you can eyeball your portions.


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        K - i will give coconut oil a try - thanks. And luckily i do like EVOO.