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If you're craving/dying to eat XXXX, eat YYY instead....? (fill in the blanks)

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  • If you're craving/dying to eat XXXX, eat YYY instead....? (fill in the blanks)

    Part of the challenge when we're new to this is to find replacements for things we're used to. Also sometimes you want something of a certain texture. To make it sustainable also, it should be relatively easy to eat. Elaborate dances (i.e. having to get something too obscure like gluten free flour) What do you guys do when you're feigning for some:

    Chocolate cake?
    French fries? (sweet potato fries pan fried in olive oil or butter any good?)
    Potato Chips? (I've tried nut clusters or trail mix, but ti's hard to find something 100% sugar free with no cranberies or raisins, or with peanuts or a trace of peanuts)

    Some substitutes that I've already found that have worked for me:
    Soda --> Sparkling water: Easily available, all sorts of flavors. One can even add a dash of actual juice.
    Pizza--> Eggplant pizza or Meatza.

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    Ice Cream ---> Berries and Full fat Greenk yogurt

    All chocolate --> 100% Ghiardelli Chocolate (My fav!)

    Spaghetti pasta --> Shredded zucchini.


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      Originally posted by superseiyan View Post
      (sweet potato fries pan fried in olive oil or butter any good?)
      You don't want to fry with Olive Oil (not heat-stable). Coconut oil should work!

      When I start to crave the EVIL foods, I immediately start slamming some primal snacks like bacon, macadamia nuts, pickles, olives, pepperoni, cheese, etc. The more fat, the better. I try to make myself feel FULL, before I get to the twinkies!

      I know those suggestions aren't exactly substitutes, but they will help stop the cravings.


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        Honestly, if I am dying to eat XXX, I eat XXX. I find that suppressing or diverting cravings with primal food just makes me gorge on primal food and eat way more than I would have eaten if I'd just had the damned ice cream. Ironically, allowing myself to eat treats whenever I want has resulted in me eating them once or twice a week at most.
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          I only had the strong cravings for a very brief time at the start. But I think Batty's Blue Butter Balls are part of the reason. I keep a whole bag in the freezer, and just one of those fatty blobs is enough to make me feel like I had a luxurious treat. I also have very dark chocolate most days. With the substitutions below, I didn't wait for a craving to kick in and then look for the substitute...I just eat them when I feel like it.

          Icecream: either cream or full fat yog on frozen raspberries, with very dark chocolate grated on top. Mmmmmm
          Rice: I tried the cauliflower rice, but it really doesn't soak sauces up the way I like with rice. So instead I use a spoon to finish the sauce and then if no-one's looking, I lick the plate
          Mashed potatoes: Mashed cauliflower with loads of butter and garlic. That really is very good and remarkably close to the original.

          Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
          Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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            Pre-primal I didn't eat cookies or cake, not for health reasons but just not really crazy about either.

            Rice: cauliflower rice, boil cauliflower and allow it to drain before chopping it up.
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              I'm with GC on this one. That's what the 20% is for!

              That being said, I realize that some people may not be able to keep it to 20% if given the opportunity. For me, if I'm looking for some crunch - Raw Almonds
              Sweet - berries or cantaloupe
              Quietly Primal
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                I took a totally different approach as I wanted to break away from eating junky stuff. Eating acceptable versions would not have done that. So, when I started I stuck with proteins, fats & veg and totally cleared my palate/cravings. More importantly, it reset my thinking about the foods I wanted. EMMV


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                  Chocolate cake? -----> Dark chocolate
                  Icecream?------> this one is hard, I usually delight in some sharp cheddar cheese
                  French fries? --------> no idea. maybe a crunchy vegetable?
                  Rice?-------> insulin spiking carbs. try some fruit instead
                  Cookies? --------->dark chocolate?
                  Potato Chips?----->try a pickle, most likely you are craving salt
                  Soda --> i never crave soda. so idk
                  Pizza--> Eggplant is good, and maybe eat some cheese


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                    Sweet potato fries are awesome. I think clarified butter is the best choice for frying them. (It's butter that's been boiled and then strained to remove the solids so that it has a higher smoke point.) Sometimes I bake sweet potatoes until they're nice and soft, sprinkle them with cinnamon, and then shallow-fry them in butter (regular, not clarified) until they're brown. Not exactly fries, but they are quick and easy if you keep baked sweet potatoes on hand.

                    I find that I don't get cravings for food unless my meals are not filling enough. Or if I'm at a party, for example, and the hosts put out all kinds of non-primal food that I have to stare at while I'm socializing--in which case I'm not in any kind of position to cook my own substitutes. I eat sometimes if I'm bored, but that's not really to satisfy a craving. But mostly, if my meals are filling enough, I can't imagine eating any more food, whether it's primal or not.


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                      I don't dance around a craving. I'm an adult human being and I show myself some respect. Things get worse for me if I dance around cravings.


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                        Browse trough the receipes - there are some fantastic substitutions for your cravings. also, Marks recipe book has great info as well!

                        Potato Chips = Kale chips!
                        Icecream - homemade Primal Ice cream with coconnut milk/heavy cream
                        Rice - cauliflower rice
                        Cookies - primal cookies/brownies


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                          I'm also a strong believer in eating what I crave, but my tastes are fairly primal at this point - I actually prefer all the substitutes I've listed to the originals, with the possible exception of a very good homemade fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie. I also don't have a problem with eating potatoes once in a while, since they have always agreed with me (unlike, say, wheat flour, which genuinely makes me feel crappy).

                          Chocolate cake? Good quality dark chocolate, or chocolate "mousse" (mascarpone cheese, unsweetened cocoa, vanilla extract, sweetener of your choice). You can also make a flourless chocolate cake.

                          Icecream? Toss coconut milk, vanilla, and frozen fruit in a blender (I like mango or banana for this). Eat it like a milkshake. I honestly prefer this to real ice cream at this point.

                          French fries? I like making crispy oven home fries with a mix of sweet potato and white potato. If I don't want the carbs, I'll make green beans lightly fried in butter and seasoned with sea salt and paprika. Not technically a finger food, but I eat them like it is.

                          Rice? Never really craved it, since I only used it as a vehicle for extra sauce. Now I just drink the sauce.

                          Cookies? Sliced fruit with either almond butter or cheese. Or more dark chocolate.

                          Potato Chips? Crunchy vegetables with some nice salty homemade dip. Kale chips if I want something drier. Alternately, there are great crispy nori snacks available at Asian grocery stores.
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