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weight redistribution?

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  • weight redistribution?

    I have noticed a shift from top to bottom. I am lighter, feel better, SLEEP SO MUCH BETTER, and all around happier, but notice a deposit of jiggle in my wiggle like I didn't have before when I was eating differently. I confess to not sprinting every now and again but that's about it. Otherwise I'm all in.

    Thoughts? Not complaining. My mood and temperament are so much better and healthier. Peace!

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    I think it's just a process. My 'man boobs' have gone down considerably, but my stomach is still there and noticeable. In the end, if we stick with the PB way, all of the fast will burn off and be replaces with great learn muscle mass


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      What you are seeing is perfectly normal and you're right in that weight can and will redistribute itself around one's body. It would be nice if we got a say in the matter, but we don't. I'd move the last the fat on my lower abs somewhere else or just spread it out. My arms are showing all my veins now.


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        Mine has been redistributing as well. I've got less in my stomach and more in my thighs while weighing exactly the same.

        Luckily I like the change - I look less like I'm pregnant, and the big thighs make it almost look like I have hips depending on what I wear. (Unfortunately it's all an illusion, I'm apparently meant to be shaped like a stick, straight up and down).
        "mayness, you need to have a siggy line that says "Paleo Information Desk" or something!" -FMN <3

        I'm blogging again, at least a little bit.


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          My weight redistributed too. Just like mayness, the fat has been moving from stomach area to lower--hips and thighs. I'm pretty pleased since my hips have always been disproportionately small. It's a much better distribution now.


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            Ah, as a female, if only my weight would move *up*, preferably to the chest area lol
            "It may be normal darling, but I'd rather be natural." -Holly Golightly


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              it's comforting to know this happens to others but not so comforting because I am not sure I enjoy it. Fortunately I'm in tune with my body and tinkering won't hurt me. Maybe time to add even more fat?


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                Originally posted by RednGreen View Post
                Ah, as a female, if only my weight would move *up*, preferably to the chest area lol
                I'm with you there!

                Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
                Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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                  I notice that weight comes off my arms and face first, then my legs all of this happens rapidly to the point where veins are sticking up all over the place. The belly is shrinking too but it seems to come last in the process as it was much bigger to start with. So now compared to the rest of me the belly looks bigger but is in fact a lot smaller.

                  So maybe it is a perception thing. Try measuring. I know that 4 inches have come off my waist so I don't worry about it.