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  • Living out of a Hotel, Need Advice

    Hey y'all. My work has me on the road fairly often and I'm currently living out of a hotel for the next month to a month and a half. I am without a kitchen (at least not until I can make friends with the kitchen staff for the bar downstairs). I already have stocked up on jerky, raw veggies, greek yogurt, fruit, seeds and nuts but I'm in need of a real meal. I'm given a per diem for food by my company and I was wondering if people had any suggestions for restaurants. No fast food chains (e.g. KFC, McD's) please. Thank you!

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    surely a good old fashioned steakhouse will get u most of the way there >


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      Mongolian grill? You get to choose what they throw in the wok.
      Almost any...
      ....steakhouse that serves all day breakfast
      ....seafood restaurant

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        When I travel, I see if I can find a Whole Foods nearby and hit up their hotbar.

        Another thing to do is look for 'local co-op' and wherever you are, that can help.

        I also use a great deal to find restaurants that focus on locally produced foods.

        Lastly, if you have an iPhone, check out an app called Locavore - it can help a ton. Good luck!

        (When I can I try to stay in a fancy hostel that way I can use the fridge and kitchen - I do this when I go to San Diego anyway, clean room, my own bathroom - and 1/3rd the price too!).
        While I am 100% primal, sometimes I change gears to Paleo.
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          And just for the record, i'm pretty new to paleo-diet and haven't read the book. just following what I've learned in Crossfit training, so keep them ideas flowing!


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            A snack I would grab from the grocery store - go to the supermarket and grab 10 lara bars (exclude the one with peanuts) - the rest are PERFECT.
            Mainly made of cashews and dates.

            Oh, depending on the city you are in - contact the local BALLE chapter (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) they usually have a nice list of locally owned and operated restaurants and food sources.
            While I am 100% primal, sometimes I change gears to Paleo.
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              Are there any Indian restaurants nearby? Tandoori mixed grill and saag paneer are awesome, and not loaded with sugars or mystery sauce thickeners. (Saag anything really.)

              Good luck!


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                I don't know about you guys... but I feel like I can eat anywhere. I have never been to a restaurant that didn't at least have a salad with a protein on it.
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                  We travel alot, like every weekend, we take a electric frying pan w/ lid.
                  ( you can pick one up at walmart or fredmeyers for about $ 20-$30

                  you can cook a roast or veggies,steaks,eggs , sauceage, bacon, fish... basically anything you cook on stove...
                  Then you know what you are eating and save some money at the same time.

                  buy some paper plates and plastic forks,(since it is just you,you could just put in a real plate and 1 set of silverware )
                  small bottle of dish soap
                  sharp knife & a steak knife
                  a spatula, a roll of paper towels
                  a bottle of oil(coconut,olive oil or raw butter)
                  a spice or 2 S & P
                  I keep ever thing in a plastic storage tub, so it is ready to go at all times.
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                    "a bottle of oil or butter" -- sure, take some olive oil, but you could also make ghee from good quality unsalted butter ahead of time (clarified butter.) It's excellent to cook with, turns almost anything into a satisfying meal, and it doesn't need refrigeration.


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                      ..I'm not the sharpest tool in the box .......but.................I think anyone with half an ounce of intelligence will select a hotel with a buffet .......:-))))))))))))))))))))
                      An hotelier
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                        Nowdays when i go on the road I stay in a room that has a fridge. If you can store stuff for a day or two my plan is to get some bagged salad and a whole cooked chicken from the supermarket. Couple of days dinner for me.

                        I also always get some milk, fruit, jerky and dark chocolate and that can keep me entertained quite happily the food department.

                        Other ideas are organic soup packets from out of the refrigerated area of the supermarket or a decent salad from Subway with double meat and bacon etc.


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                          I second the idea of taking a supply box with you. My husband travels quite a bit for work, and you don't always get a choice of hotels with buffets or rooms with fridges, or towns with restaurants that are open before 10 am LOL. He does try to get a room with a fridge, but if he doesn't, he takes a small cooler and tub of of supplies (if he's driving). Otherwise, he ends up eating a lot of snacky type of foods (jerky, nuts, etc). He always appreciates coming home from those particular trips...


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                            For a sneaky way to have fresh greens every day, you could get a six-tray Sprout Master and grow some broccoli (or some other type) sprouts in rotation. They're delicious as an impromptu salad. I just add oil and red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder... no refrigeration or sun required at all.

                            Works well for long backpacking trips too. (provided you follow their tips about how to carry the trays around in a backpack without disaster...)
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                              I feel like that as a treat once in a while I can stay primal when I eat out too. A steak place is my first choice for eating out. I wouldn't want eat out more than once or twice a week though. What I would be doing is trying to find the hotel microwave so I could cook a little bit. I would miss having hot canned salmon with a little cheese on top for example. I eat that a couple times a week.