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  • Animal vs Plant % of Diet...

    I just read something in which Loren Cordain recommended 35-45% of one's diet be plant based, and 55-65% be animal based.

    I feel sort of dumb for having to ask this, but what are these percentages measuring? At first I assumed it was the calories... but then for some reason I thought it might refer to the just the grams of food...

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    Probably literally grams of food.
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      He's referring to the percentage of calories ( energy). It's based on the ethnographic atlas that takes into account all the H-G sites. It's an average, not a recommendation. NA's plant/animal ratio's average out to be around 62:38 as opposed to 35:65 for H-G'ers... It just shows that a variety of dietary variances make up a total population. Do what works best for you.
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        This is a guideline over time based on % calories. What I try to do is mix it up. Some days it is a bad hunting day but I managed to gather a lot of veggies/nuts etc so I am 100% plant food. Other days the hunt/fishing goes well so its mostly animal based. Other days it is a mix.
        Likley you will find that the bulk of your food is veggie just becasue meat is so caloricly dense. e.g. assume 2000 calories a day. Figure how big a piece of meat/fat you need to make up 1200 (60%) of calories, then take enough carrots and lettuce to make up 800 calories(40%) I bet the veggies are a bigger pile. :-) YMMV