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Why am I so tired?

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  • Why am I so tired?

    Is it something I'm eating? This weekend we had pizza for my son's birthday and we made a grain-free, gluten-free, honey sweetened chocolate cake. I expected to feel off from the pizza (and I did yesterday), but felt ok by yesterday afternoon.

    Sunday, I had coffee and cream, then we went out for the pizza for lunch, where I had a huge salad. We had cake but I skipped dinner otherwise.

    Yesterday, I had eggs scrambled with a little sausage, bell pepper and onion, small slice of the cake, "portuguese" roast and acorn squash. Plus my usual coffee and cream (2-3 cups).

    Today, I've had my coffee and cream (2 cups), sausage and 2 eggs, leftover roast and squash and an apple, so far. Oh, and a spoonful of mac and cheese :P (yuck).

    Any ideas?

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    Carb flu
    La tristesse durera toujours...


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      Crashing after a temporary sugar high from the cake maybe?
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        How long have you been primal? Good chance it's 'carb flu'.


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          3 days of staying clean and you should feel better. Are you keeping track of how much you are eating carb wise? Calorie wise? It would be worth the time seeing how you are doing, then you can clearly see that you are low in one area, or high in another. Then the power is in your hand, you are in control and you can chose to make the adjustments as needed, or to ride it out
          Even a small cookie will make me feel like crap for 2-3 days. So not worth it any more.


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            those 'cheats' stay with you longer than you think. last time i went on a birthday cake bender, it took upwards of 4-5 days before i felt better.

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              Hmm...maybe, because your blood sugar is all out of whack from your inconsistency?.... You had cake, but skipped DINNER? You might also want to consider the possibility that caffeine may play a part (that is, along with the grains and sugars - IMHO, overdoing it and a bit beyond the "20%").


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                Honestly your ratio of good food:bad food here is pretty off. Perhaps it was just a bad weekend food-wise, but I'm sure that you'll feel better once you increase the primal-friendly foods and keep gluten far away.

                Originally posted by Omphaloskeptical View Post
                Hmm...maybe, because your blood sugar is all out of whack from your inconsistency?.... You had cake, but skipped DINNER? You might also want to consider the possibility that caffeine may play a part (that is, along with the grains and sugars - IMHO, overdoing it and a bit beyond the "20%").


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                  Too many cheats is the answer.


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                    Yeah pretty much what the others said... you are eating a lot of crap there and going half-primal half-crap is not going to do anything to make you feel better.

                    What kind of dressing was on your salad?


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                      Hmm, so I ran yesterday, today and the cake recipe through calorie-count. The cake comes out to 38 carbs per serving. Yesterday's total carbs were around 82. I didn't run Sunday though, since I have little clue what was entirely on the pizza. Thanks for suggesting that I do check my numbers. I generally check them for 3-4 days in a row and then forget to for a while, which has always been my downfall no matter if I'm just counting calories or if I'm tracking other things. I hadn't logged any numbers since mid-month.

                      To answer the question, I've been primal for about a month. As for the other comments on eating cake for dinner, I really had no reason to stuff myself full after already eating pizza for lunch. I wouldn't have enjoyed more food, and I wanted to taste the cake that I'd spent all day Saturday working on. We aren't talking huge costco sized servings 1-inch--the width of the knife blade, was my serving.

                      Dressing was the shredded beets from the salad bar.


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                        I can totally speculate and understand the reasoning (sheer enjoyment!) for eating cake for dinner - but 38 carbs per serving is A LOT for one little slice of cake. I don't know about y'all, but if I have more than 15-20 carbs in one sitting, I don't feel very well. Too many carbs in one sitting puts many people to sleep.


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                          So its not the food, necessarily, even though I had a crap weekend. I knew Sunday was going to be a crap day when we went into the weekend, and I knew I would pay for it on Monday (and I did). I just didn't think that it would last more than Sunday and part of Monday, and I was expecting more GI sort of problems.

                          I figured it out last night. We live across the street from an elementary school. Since there have been budget cuts, electricity consumption was lowered. This means that the parking lot lights have been off at night for a couple of months. While complaining about my exhaustion last night, my DH pointed out that the lights were back on across the street. So, my theory is the ambient light in my bedroom has been keeping me from sleeping as well.

                          And yes, I did eat like crap. And yes, I still feel exhausted today, but I think they are only minimally related. I'm planning on staying completely primal until the 18th, when I'll probably eat out again and I'll probably indulge, unless I come across a decent dessert recipe for my birthday.

                          Thanks for your input and ideas.


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                            No offence, but blaming outdoor lights instead of the super crappy diet is not anything thats gonna help you. I mean, why dont you think the diet plays any role here?


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                              No offense taken. I guess you missed that I did own my indulgence and I did acknowledge that it played a part. If you'd like, I can self-flagellate with more wailing, but I think the stomach distress and Monday morning carb hangover should have been enough punishment. You are probably quite different from me, but if all of the sudden there were lights leaking into your bedroom in the middle of the night--not enough to completely wake you, but enough to make you unable to get a restful night's sleep, wouldn't that be as blame-worthy for ongoing tiredness as 2 slices of double bacon pizza and cake? Unless there is something else in my diet that I missed as being absolutely horrible, and causing exhaustion... which if I did, please let me know.

                              I am new and do not have years or even months of this way of life under my belt. I freely admit that. I know that I'm going to make mistakes. I didn't really suffer all that greatly from "carb flu" when I started PB, so it took me by surprise that I would have more than a morning of a carb hangover (I experienced that a week or so ago after eating out, I was expecting the same experience again).

                              Oh, I guess I do take slight offense, I wouldn't call my diet "super crappy". I didn't eat 7 pieces of pizza, eat dessert at the pizza place and drink a 20 ounce beer. With the exception of the slice of cake on Monday, I'm struggling to find the "super" part of the crappy after a single meal of indulgence. Perhaps you could enlighten me to where the I hid the twinkies, doritos and coke in the first half of the week, because I'm not seeing it.