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Spinoff from the "Hungry After Dinner" thread: Gherlin Questions

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  • Spinoff from the "Hungry After Dinner" thread: Gherlin Questions

    In another post, ( there was some information about the hormone ghrelin. I did some looking about and found this about ghrelin:

    Regulation of energy balance: In both rodents and humans, ghrelin functions to increase hunger though its action on hypothalamic feeding centers. This makes sense relative to increasing plasma ghrelin concentrations observed during fasting (see below). Additionally, humans injected with ghrelin reported sensations of intense hunger. Ghrelin also appears to suppress fat utilization in adipose tissue, which is somewhat paradoxical considering that growth hormone has the opposite effect. Overall, ghrelin seems to be one of several hormonal signals that communicates the state of energy balance in the body to the brain.

    I am really wondering about the bolded text. Does this mean, if you are feeling hunger, you have an increase in ghrelin, which is actually suppressing fat loss? Someone help me out here, please! I have been flirting with IF, but this is making me question whether IF is actually helpful for fat loss.

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    I'm not sure, but I would think that this would be a plus for IF, at least after you get accustomed to it. If you eat 6+ meals a day, wouldn't you be secreting ghrelin around all of those mealtimes? If you eat only one or two meals, would you secrete ghrelin only once or twice a day instead? Would the total amount be different? I'm just guessing at all this to spur myself and others to do further research, heh.

    On a personal experience note, I fast everday 16 (or more) hours. I very rarely experience hunger during the day and eat a large meal shortly after I workout. If anything, I think I've gotten leaner since I started IF, but I've definitely built muscle also.


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      I like your take on it! I tried IF last week - just didn't take lunch to work and ate when I got home. I LOVE not having to pack a lunch and my morning goes much easier. I will stay with it for a few more weeks and see if my hunger at work diminishes. I was hungry today from 10 to 11:30 or so, but now it is just faint tummy rumbles.


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        I found some studies using Google (searched for "effect of fasting on ghrelin").

        This one studied alternate-day fasting in non-obese males and females. There was not a significant change in fasting insulin and ghrelin levels.

        This one used 4 days of underfeeding (800 kcals) and found a significant reduction in total ghrelin after the meal, but no change in fasting and total postprandial ghrelin at the conclusion of the study. Not sure what to make of that. Haha. maybe if i look closer I could get more meaning from that.