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Calcium, mushrooms, baking soda and fat questions?

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  • Calcium, mushrooms, baking soda and fat questions?

    I don't want to clog up the whole forum with my own questions so I said I'd put them all here in one go.

    1. Fitday tells me that I'm only getting 36% of my daily calcium needs. What primal foods are high in calcium?

    2. Are mushrooms primal?

    3. Is baking soda alright? It was an ingredient in some of the pancake suggestions for yesterdays post, but it just doesn't seem right for some reason.

    4. There's a lot of discussion here about how carbs are digested, but not so much about fats. Correct me if I'm wrong, but fats come joined to a 'backbone' of glycerol. They're separaterd in digestion and the glycerol is converted to glucose by the liver. So if it's okay to get converted glucose from fat, why not from other glucose sources?

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    1. The calcium RDA is based in the SAD. You don't need that much (especially if you go dairy free). If you are worried, almonds are higher in calcium than milk is.

    2. Mushrooms are probably fine. I don't eat them much, but I doubt many would say they aren't primal. There was a thread on how they should be cooked well though...

    3. I feel the same way. It's just sodium bicarbonate, but Grok didn't eat it that way. I prefer to go without if possible.

    4.There's a lot less available glucose in fat than in carbs. The body also needs the glycerol to transport fat around the body again, so it is reused and not just stored.

    The "Seven Deadly Sins"

    Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
    Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
    Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)


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      Kale is also a good source of calcium (about 100mg for 1 cup). Personally, I couldn't get myself to eat it until I tried kale chips--yum. Google for some instructions on how to make them and wow your family.

      Here's that thread on mushrooms--some good info:


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        Before I resumed taking supplements, my Fitday RDA's were quite adequate except for Vitamin D, and of course, carbs. I'm not sure why yours would be so low.

        Why not take supplements? I know Grok didn't have them, but they are great tools to make sure there are no inadequacies. If you are getting big does of Vitamin D, whether supplements or El Sol, you sure better have plenty of calcium. D will take it out of your bones to keep blood calcium on the level.

        Although I've been getting goodly amounts of D with the Florida summer sun, I'm starting D supps today. I'm not out there every day, and the current research is indicating we need 4000 IU's a day to reap the real benefits.


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          James17, on the calcium question, I've done a ton of research on calcium because I'm concerned about osteoporosis myself, having seen it up close and personal.

          What I found is this: many Paleo foods that have calcium unfortunately are not providing absorbable calcium, because it is locked up in calcium oxalate. So, some foods that aren't going to help with calcium although they appear to be high in it are spinach (and almonds), among others.

          These below, however, have much more absorbable calcium, very close to what is in a cup of milk (per 1 cup veggies):

          -Chinese cabbage


          -Turnip greens

          Here's a chart that shows the absorbable calcium in various foods:

          Oranges also provide some extra calcium in the diet.

          Also, from my research, I found that bone broth will help as well, it has a small amount of calcium in it as well as silicon which is important for bone health. Also getting appropriate sun for vitamin D will help for bone health too. Here's a link to a calculator that shows how much sun you'll need to get your needed vitamin D:

          I found some studies that seemed to show that 525mg Calcium was enough to prevent bone loss in vegans, so that might be a more easy figure to shoot for than the RDA (1200mg).

          P.S. Another way that Grok might have gotten his needed calcium was from eating bugs: One cricket contains 13 grams of protein, 10mg of iron, and 76mg of calcium. I'm not ready to go that Paleo just yet though...


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            homemade bone broth or just eating the bones in fish like sardines and mackerel are other great sources of calcium. A 15oz can of mackerel has almost 900mg of calcium.