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Blood work is in.... what primal eating has done for me...

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  • Blood work is in.... what primal eating has done for me...

    I went to the docs office to get my bp checked and for the results of my cholesterol and glucose test. Overall, I think they're good, not knowing the ratios etc.... Been eating Primal for 6 weeks.

    Trigs - 90
    HDL - 50
    LDL - 138
    Cholsterol Total - 206
    CHOL/HDLC Ration - 4.1...

    Fasting Blood Glucose - 84

    Not to sure what these all mean, but the doc was only concerned about the ldl and starting saying things about lowering saturated fat content..... whatever.

    Blood pressure was really high, 160/109. Later the doc checked it and it was 148/92. Regardless, I'm still concerned abou this, but I'm waiting one more month to see what happens. Hopefully with an increased effort in excercise the results will be somewhat better.

    Any thoughts about the above would be great.

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    6 weeks is only a start - it takes several months of dietary change to see what the final effect is going to be on your blood lipids. But your numbers look perfectly good to me. There is likely to be a rise in the HDL and a lowering of triglycerides as you go more months on a primal diet that keeps carbs under 150 g/day. I would get rechecked in 4 -6 months and see what your numbers are then. But even if they don't change at all and stay right where they are today, you don't have anything to worry about.

    The blood pressure on the other hand IS high. You might consider getting a home BP monitor and keeping closer tabs on that. The primal living rules concerning stress, sleep, play, and moderating exercise are all likely to help in that departiment. You may be a person who is sensitive to sodium intake. After getting a home BP monitor, you might want to see what effect reducing sodium has on your BP - such as not eating bacon, sausage, cheeses and other foods with added sodium. Keep your carbs on the lower side as well, that helps reduce BP because of the extra fluid retention that occurs with more sugars in your system.

    Good luck - and keep us posted on your progress!


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      Thanks for the feedback! I already have cut out salt from my diet, including bacon, salted tomato sauce, table salt, and frozen (insert meat) that is usually high in sodium.


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        Salt does not lower my BP at all. Some people it does, some not.
        By the lowered 2nd reading it is possible you were just anxious about the appointment. Also hydration can play into BP, there are many things.