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  • What is your poo telling you?

    Kind of a weird topic, but important nonetheless. I've been eating primal for a month. All is well but lately my poo is large and hard and uncomfortable. I'm not sure what that means or how my poo should be changing eating primal. When I was eating grains and sugar I definitely had different poo, more liquid and often exiting quickly. Now it is slow, way more solid, and sometimes too big. Am I not drining enough water, eating enough fat? Can increased protien do this?

    I look forward to your feedback.

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    I started primal living about a week ago. Mine is the opposite. I ate a ton of berries and they really cleaned me out! I would try some berries to soften it up. good luck


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      The Primal diet has a large range. Are you eating enough vegetables, fruits and greens?

      Our digestive system depends a lot on bacteria (called the gut flora). The bacteria themselves depend a lot on the fiber you eat; they have to eat something. So if you get too little fiber from vegetable and greens then you kill out your bacteria. Consequently, your poo does not contain live bacteria (which should be a minimum of 40% of the dead weight), and it becomes hard and solid.

      Add more greens, vegetables, and fruits and you should see benefits.


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        Your gut flora will change depending on what foods you are eating. If you transition to a new diet, you will need to wait for your internal friends to catch up. This is why sometimes after not eating something for a long time (like wheat) and then having it again will trigger digestive problems. Take some magnesium every night to help things along, and give it more time to transition naturally.


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          I feel like I'm eating way more fruits and veggies than before. For example, here is what I ate yesterday:
          Breakfast - eggs with veggies, two homemade sausage patties, all cooked in butter.
          Lunch - homemade butternut squash soup, homemade lacto-fermented sauerkraut, 2 high quality hot dogs (no bun), mustard
          Snack - 1/2 pear with coconut oil, walnuts
          Dinner - Salmon, spinach, mashed acorn squash with butter.

          I try and drink lots of water during the day, especially since I'm breast feeding. If you think I'm not eating enough veggies, or frut, please let me know.


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            Home made sauerkraut - I MUST try that.

            Try adding more coconut oil / fat. That works - I eat a lot of fat and my problem is quite the reverse of yours! On a similar sounding (all except the sauerkraut) sort of diet...


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              Your diet looks awesome. However, your increased fiber intake will use up a higher amount of water in the natural absorbtion process that fiber induces. therefore I would suggest you actually start measuring your liquid intake (not just water; include tea and coffee here too) and try to hit half your body weight in pounds worth of fluid ounces of intake. A 150lb person should shoot for 75 ounces of liquid intake per day.


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                I didn't see any greens there. Also the squash is not very high in fibers particularly after cooking. If that is a representative meal then I can see that it is deficient in fiber (the good soluble fiber, not the bad insoluble fiber).

                If you read mails from Cillakat, you will notice that she recommends a lot of produce. I also believe that you must eat more produce by weight than meat and fat. Of course produce will not be higher in energy. But going higher in energy (via potatoes/sweet potatoes/butter squash) is also not bad, unless you take it to an extreme.


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                  your diet looks pretty good. try taking some acidophilus. i've been fully primal since may, and pretty close for a lot longer and i had my share of poo issues. acidophilus brought my potty time down to about a minute...unless i'm reading a good book


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                    too much fiber = constipation(hard round poop)
                    dairy, especially eaten by itself = hard round poop
                    not enough fat to travel your fiber to your colon = hard round poop
                    not eating enough= hard round poop
                    eating a crapload(like all your food in 1-2hrs) USUALLY ens up as hard poop
                    Get on my Level


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                      MalPaz, LOL. Like a sausage machine -- pour in any damned thing, turn the crank, out comes "sausage."

                      I think matters started going a lot better for me when I included a small amount (a couple tabelspoons, usually) of lactofermented cabbage like kim chee or sauerkraut, or yogurt, or old cheese, apple cider vinegar, or sometimes kombucha to every meal.

                      To heal a gut, a half teaspoonful of l-glutamine powder in water, on an empty stomach (20 minutes before a meal, or 3 hours after) can help the lining to grow back, close up the leaky gut holes, calm the whole system, and probably improve the flora.

                      People vary in how much veg they can tolerate, especially raw. Some people just thrive on it, for others (like me) it's big trouble. What I have had to do is to realize that I need SOME, with every meal, just small portions with the probiotics eaten at the same time to help deal with it. And some fat and protein alongside it, always. Berries -- add a little cultured cream (just a dab will do.) Salad -- have some avocado, maybe some herring on top. Steamed or boiled veg -- a bit of butter or cheese, and some meat in the same meal ....

                      Best to figure out your type, and eat within it. If the food is agreeing with you, and giving you energy, then the portions will naturally settle down to being the right size. As someone once said, it doesn't matter how "healthy" a food is; if you can't digest it, it is not healthy.